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Hailstones hammer Nebraska golf course

IMAGES have surfaced of the battering inflicted upon Hidden Valley Golf Course in Nebraska by enormous hailstones this week.

GREENSKEEPERS - look away now, because these images of hailstone damage to an American golf course might give you nightmares.

Photos have emerged on social media overnight of the destruction done to Hidden Valley Golf Course in Lincoln, Nebraska on Monday night (US time) by Mother Nature herself.

Wild springtime weather has wreaked havoc across the United States recently, with images of hundreds of divots on putting surfaces at Hidden Valley rendering the course practically unplayable.

Twitter user Mike Bossman posted an image of not yet melted hailstones fully submerged in the green's surface, many of the icy stones looking to be larger than a normal golf ball.

Andrew Ozaki from local television station KETV posted an image of some of the hailstones that battered Hidden Valley.

He also wrote on Twitter that Hidden Valley were appealing to the public for volunteers to aid in the effort to clean up the local golf course.

In reality, an already damp putting surface didn't stand much of a chance.

But it is possible that some good may come of this disaster as awareness about course maintenance spreads.

Many users on social media have responded to the images with calls for people to be more responsible when it comes to repairing their own divots during a round.

Facebook user Ron Prue wrote "You think a golfer hates to see it? Talk to the grounds crew. Did you know that if you repair a ball mark it take six days to heal; if you don't it takes six weeks.

"Some old greenskeeper told me that years ago. If it's true then we should all repair a ball mark plus 1 other we see. Respect the course, love the game."

There were further reports that hailstones the size of tennis balls were falling from the sky in the Lincoln area, shattering car windscreens.

Next time you're out on course and a storm looks to be looming, lightning shouldn't be the only hazard you'll need to keep an eye out for.

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