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Golfer Shoots 6,093 Over Par On 2,000-Kilometre Hole

Adam Rolston (right) and his caddie Ron Rutland in Mongolia completing the longest golf hole ever played. (Photo: Andrew King)
How many shots would you take to play from the western edge of Mongolia to the nation's capital of Ulaanbaatar?

You probably have no idea.

But there's one person who has a definitive answer and he's a Northern Irishman by the name of Adam Rolston.

At the weekend, Hong Kong-born Rolston - who represented Hong Kong at rugby union until 2016 - holed out on the 18th green at Mt Bogd Golf Club on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar for a score of 20,093.

That might sound like a lot of shots - and it is - but bear in mind the hole had a par of 14,000 and Rolston teed off 2,011 kilometres east in Khüiten Peak, which is the highest and most western point of Mongolia.

Rolston began his 80-day journey on June 28, accompanied the entire way by his caddie, Ron Rutland, who hauled Rolston's golf clubs on a specially designed buggy.

Rutland is an adventure enthusiast in his own right. He spent more than two years from 2013 to 2015 cycling 42,000 kilometres through almost every country in Africa and some in Europe.

Adam Rolston (Photo: Andrew King)

For Rolston and Rutland, their journey not only yielded a new world record for the longest hole in golf, it raised money for Laureus Sport for Good, which uses the power of sport to help young people overcome violence, discrimination and disadvantage worldwide. 

In addition to keeping a fast pace of play to reach Ulaanbaatar as planned on September 17, the pair had to deal with the more pressing issue of finding food and water along the way. 

(Photo: Andrew King)

Using a purpose-built app to track scoring, Rolston required the use of more than 135 golf balls to complete the hole.

In a fitting finish, Rolston drained a tesing downhill putt on the 18th green (see above) at Mt Bogd to complete what must have been a life-changing experience for both he and Rutland.

Records are made to be broken, so now the golf world can wait with bated breath to see who - if anybody - will set out on an even more daring golf adventure.

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