In Depth: How do I get ‘golf fit’?

WILL getting fitter improve your golf? Yes, but only if done in the right way. Golf strength and conditioning coach Nick Randall explains more.

I HAVE had many conversations with golfers about how their golf game could benefit from improving their bodies. No matter what the standard of player, the same questions, fears and reservations come up again and again.

I wonder if any of these ring true for you?

Will getting fitter improve my golf?

Yes, but only if done in the right way. Simply getting fitter may not translate to better ball striking! You need to look at a range of physical competencies such as mobility, stability, posture and golf movement patterns.

What exercises are best for golfers?

There is a lot of confusion about which exercises are best for golfers. Some say “woodchops are king”, others say “seniors should never squat”, others suggest that “it’s all about flexibility”. Truth is that it’s all very dependent on the individual and it takes knowledge and experience to know what exercise is best for you. I have seen golfers of near identical age and playing ability require completely different things from their “Golf Fit” exercise program!

Am I going to get injured?

The very worst thing for your golf is clearly picking up an injury from your exercise program. Unfortunately this is a very real possibility if your program isn’t appropriate for you and/or the exercises aren’t performed with good form.

Where can I get good advice?

It is well recognised that there are many under qualified people working in the fitness industry. You obviously want to speak to someone that has qualifications, knowledge of golf and experience working with golfers. This is a combination that can be quite tough to find!

What I will endeavour to do is provide you with sound, realistic and helpful advice on all aspects of golf fitness. This will come in the form of articles and videos right here at Golf Link and also through access to my online ‘Golf Fit’ resources. I really hope you enjoy the information I provide and sincerely welcome feedback and questions.

To get you started, here are three exercises that will target the areas of the body I consider to be key for the golf swing and for great posture and stability. Next time I will explain why these areas are key and give you some more exercises to train them up!


Knee Band Walk


PURPOSE: Train activation of glutes

POSITIONING: Knee band, wide athletic stance, knee band sits just above the knees

FORM: Move sideways using small steps, keep the feet wide apart, aim to lead with the knees and not with the feet

TIPS: Check form in mirror




PURPOSE: Develop scapula awareness and control

POSITIONING: In set up position, arms out to the side, thumbs up

FORM: Make small backward circles with the elbows, feel muscles of upper back and around scap

TIPS: Watch head position, retract chin, check form in mirror





PURPOSE: Train deep core activation in rotation

POSITIONING: Lie on back with hip and knees at 90 deg

FORM: Cross arms across your chest, maintaining these angles turn the legs from one side to the other, aim to keep the knees together and get as much rotation as possible before falling to the side

TIPS: Turn head to opposite side to help stabilise


About the author:

Nick Randall

Nick Randall is a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Presenter, Rehab Expert and Therapist.

Nick works with a number of professionals on multiple tours and is also contracted by Golf Australia and Golf Queensland to work with their elite amateur players.

Nick also works on an individual and group basis with club level golfers of all ages and abilities.

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Nick trains and treats golfers at his private facility in the suburb of Milton.

He also has a range of online services including the world leading golf fitness app  "Golf Fit Pro". Click here for more info.

Nick's passion for golf started at age 13 and quickly developed into a complete obsession that only seems to be getting stronger with age.

He began his strong interest in fitness aged 20, pursued the relevant qualifications, decided to mix his two passions to form a career in 2010 and hasn't looked back!

To keep up to date with Nick's social media activity, click here


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