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Craig Parry discusses his biggest payday

There's a very simply reason Craig Parry is one of Australia's favourite golfers. He's a bloody good bloke. Easy to chat to and always prepared to help charities and young golfers- he also helps all us club golfers- especially those moving on in years and expanding in waistline, feel good about ourselves. He represents the dream that we all search for every time we step onto a golf course. In this short 2 minute plus interview from the boys at Golf Getaway- we cover a lot of ground. Craig's assessment of Tiger Woods and what he's like to play with. We touch on some of his greatest moments in golf, his favourite courses round the world and we find out about his biggest pay day. And while the $900,000 looked good in the bank account- it's not what he remembers the most. Golf Getaway now has over 150 videos and new competitions, tips, blogs, courses and special offers are arriving daily. It's a short sharp slice of all things golf- go take a look and enjoy a little Golf Getaway for yourself. Click here to visit "Golf Getaway":https://www.golfgetaway.com.au/
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