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Cobra Unveils World-First One-Length Irons

Cobra Golf's brand new F-MAX ONE LENGTH Irons.
Cobra Golf has unveiled its brand new range of F-Max clubs including a world-first range of 'one-length' irons.

The F-Max 'family' - which will be available from August 18 - will also include men’s and women’s versions of Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids and variable length irons but it is the Bryson DeChambeau-inspired single-length irons that are poised to grab the most attention.

The F-MAX ONE LENGTH Irons will feature the same shaft length throughout the set and each iron will be engineered to regular 7-iron weighting.   

“We are excited to be the first to bring ONE LENGTH iron technology to the super game improvement segment of the market,” said Tom Olsavsky, VP of R&D for COBRA Golf.

“Allowing senior and women players the simplicity of having one swing and one set-up for their irons, helps make golf a little easier and more fun. And for those players who aren’t quite ready to take the ONE LENGTH iron plunge, we are confident our new F-MAX variable length irons will provide an unmatched level of consistency and accuracy.” 

COBRA's ONE LENGTH Irons in a women's model. 

The F-Max irons - which COBRA is marketing as the lightest, easiest to hit irons in the company's history - will include the following features:

·        Lower Profile with Deep Undercut Design – A lower profile clubhead design moves the center-of-gravity low and back for improved launch, while the deeper undercut cavity creates more face flex for maximum ball speeds on off-center hits.

·        Progressive Head Construction – Thinner 17-4 stainless steel construction in the long irons (4i-7i) provide improved speed and distance, and a softer 431 stainless steel in the short irons (8i-SW) yield ultra-soft feel and precision.     

·        Back/Heel CG Weighting – Weight is strategically positioned near the heel to promote a straighter, higher ball-flight. 

·        Offset Design – a progressive offset hosel creates higher trajectory with added draw bias to eliminate slices resulting in more consistently accurate shots. 

·        Premium Chrome Finish – A new nickel chrome plating provides beautiful aesthetics and increased durability for great looking, longer lasting irons.  

COBRA is touting its F-Max wood family as the lightest, easiest to swing woods in company history.

COBRA's F-Max Driver

“In my experience teaching golfers of all skill levels, I have seen firsthand that many amateurs struggle to create speed and optimal launch,” said COBRA PUMA GOLF ambassador Claude Harmon III.

"The COBRA F-MAX product family was designed specifically with this moderate (or slower) swing speed player in mind. With lighter swing weights, lightweight shafts and greater lofts, COBRA’s F-MAX equipment will help make it easier for senior and lady golfers to get the ball up in the air and hit it farther and straighter every time."  

The F-Max Drivers will include the following features:

·        A Forged Ti-6-4 Titanium Face insert delivers more speed and a larger Sweet Zone™ for better distance on mishits. 

·        Back/Heel CG Weighting – Internal weighting positioned near the heel promotes a more forgiving, higher, straighter ball-flight. 

·        New Crown Alignment Feature – A subtle, confidence-inspiring crown alignment feature makes it easy to align the clubhead at address for more fairways hit off the tee. 

·        Offset/Straight Neck Design Hosels – Golfers are given the choice of using an offset hosel that creates higher trajectory with draw bias to help eliminate slices, or a straight neck hosel for a more traditional look at address and more workability.

·        Upgraded Aesthetics – An all new, premium black PVD finish increases the visual appeal and subdues the look of offset at address while still delivering the draw bias performance.

The F-MAX Drivers are available in 10.5 degrees and 11.5 degrees of loft for men, and 15 degrees of loft for women. All F-MAX Drivers are available in Offset.

“We are confident that the design of the F-MAX Driver, Fairways and Hybrids will make it easier for moderate swing speed players to create launch which is the key for performance, and get the ball airborne more quickly, hitting it farther and straighter than ever before,” said Tom Olsavsky, VP of R&D for COBRA Golf.

The F-MAX fairways woods utilise many of same technologies as the Drivers, namely an ultralight configuration and larger grips. The F-Max Fairways are available in both right and left-hand in 16 degrees, 20 degrees and 23 degrees of loft for men, and 19 degrees, 23 degrees and 27 degrees of loft for women.

 The F-MAX Hybrids offer the same COBRA SUPERLITE shafts (60 for men’s and 55 for women’s) and the same larger sized grips as the Driver and Fairways. The F-MAX Hybrids are available in 19 degrees, 22 degrees, 25 degrees, 28 degrees and 31 degrees of loft for men, and 23.5 degrees, 26.5 degrees, 29.5 degrees and 32.5 degrees of loft for women. 


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