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Can The Putter Be Replaced?

If a club is damaged outside the normal course of a round, it can't be used again for that round.
It's often referred to as the most important club in the bag, so what would you do if you weren't allowed to use your putter?

That's exactly what happens if, under Rule 4-3b, a player's putter is damaged outside the normal course of a round.

Once a putter is bent or altered in a show of anger following a shot, it is deemed non-conforming and can't be used for the rest of that round.

So when Sergio Garcia bent his putter after slamming it into the ground during the third round of the FedEx Cup Playoffs event in Boston, he resorted to using a three-wood and three-iron to mixed results and even tried his driver to very poor effect (see below).

"How's your golf game?" pic.twitter.com/hcMRkMI4pC

— Total Golf Move™ (@totalgolfmove) September 4, 2017


Question: Which club would you first use to putt with instead of a putter?
Long iron
Sand wedge/lob wedge

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