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Bubba's ant-ics with PGA official

BUBBA Watson argued with a rules official about whether ants were 'burrowing animals', before reeling off two 300 metre plus drives at the PGA.

IT's been a frustrating week for polarising American Bubba Watson, but things came to a head on his front nine with an argument about the dangers of fire ants and whether he should be entitled to relief.

In his final round at the PGA Championship, Watson's ball finished on an anthill on the fifth hole.

The two-time Masters champion sought permission from a rules official to take a drop from the obstruction, under the USGA's Rule 25-1b: Relief from Abnormal Ground Conditions.

The official involved in Watson's ruling was the PGA of Australia's Graeme Scott, who is originally from Scotland.

Believe it or not, the discussion centred on whether ants should be considered a "burrowing animal", after the rules official deemed fire ants weren't dangerous enough in their own right.

"It's not fire ants or anything so there's no relief from them," said the official. "That's basically a loose impediment."

"OK, but I have a question for you," began Waston. "Since the animal ... it is an animal, you agree with that? It's burrowing, it's digging a hole. So how would it not be? It's either an ant bed or it's an animal digging hole. It's either one or the other. It can't be both."

Watson's please fell on deaf ears.

"They're not classified as a burrowing animal," said the official.

"Even though they dig in the ground?" chimed in Watson's caddie, Ted Scott.

"So even though they dig in the ground, they're not considering burrowing?" questioned Watson.

"No," responded the official.

"Ok, so they're tunnel-making," reasoned Watson. "That's what we're calling them this week. I mean, the grass is a loose impediment. No, I got you. So if some guy was allergic to ants and he got an ant on him, you could care less?"

But the official held firm. "It's only if it's the dangerous ants," he said. "You know like the fire biting ones?" asked the official.

"Right. It's all good. Thank you so much," Watson responded sarcastically.

You can watch the exchange here:

The World Number three stepped up to his ball and played  

Watson was clearly keen to bite back, stepping up to his ball on the sixth tee and crushing it more than 300 metres on the way to an eagle to get his round back on track.

He then took to the 13th tee box and went the unconventional option once more.

To cap off his blistering final major championship round of 2015, Watson made birdie on the formidable 18th thanks to this approach.

Never a dull day in the life of Bubba Watson.

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