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Bryan Bros film another trick shot video

WITH great panache, the Bryan Bros made a new trick shot video, this time teaming up with Legendary Shots to combine golf with other sports.

THE talented Bryan Bros are at it again. This time, they have collaborated with another trick shot team, Legendary Shots, to create a new video combining golf with basketball, baseball, American football and gymnastics.

The new video, full of enthusiastic celebrations and elaborate scenarios, again sees the Bryan Bros execute each trick shot impeccably. Although we will never know how many times Bryan Bros and Legendary Shots attempted each trick shot, to even succeed at one is a feat in itself. 

But the group didn't stop at just one trick shot.

They skip golf balls over lakes, use trampolines to get golf balls airborne and, of course, hit them with a driver mid-air.

They catch multiple iron shots with baseball mitts and play hacky sack with a golf ball before clobbering it with a driver.

With the success of each trick shot comes the jubilation, and who could blame them? In all the excitement, they scream, shout, run around and jump on each other.

There is even the distinct shouts of, “High-five, that was sick!” and “Yeah, baby!”

The Legendary Shots video adds to the repertoire of trick shots the Bryan Bros filmed in a previous video.

Watch the new Bryan Bros and Legendary Shots video below:


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