Biggest Issue Confronting Pro Golf?

Can TV really be central to the biggest issue confronting the professional game in Australia? It is according to veteran touring pro David McKenzie.

"For Australia, definitely I would say it's the fact that I can watch on Foxtel or on TV the best players in the world 52 weeks of the year pretty much and, in Australia, I'm not going to see the best in the world in Australia anymore because of the prize money differences," McKenzie says.

"So the fact that I can watch it on TV, means that I don't need to go to golf tournaments."

3-time European Tour winner Marcus Fraser:

"I think the big topic is the slow play thing, it's pretty average now the level that it's got to, guys just taking forever to play.”

“We’ve got a tournament in Europe where there’s a shot clock; you get a one-shot penalty for the first offence and then you’re DQ’d as a second offence.”

“I think they’ve got to start with the golf ball and also the slow play issue. It’s just taking too long on the golf course.”

3-time European Tour winner Richard Green:

“There’s a couple. I think they need to sort the golf ball out. They need to sort out the length that that golf ball goes.”

2-time Presidents Cup Team Member Nick O’Hern:

“There’s always that thing about, you know, in tennis, how they’re trying to create the one tour, and in golf, can they create that? I don’t know. I’d love to see a global tour and you kind of get that with some of the World Golf [Championships] events but I think down the line it should happen in one way, shape or another.”

2017 New Zealand Open Champion Michael Hendry

“Potentially there’s just too much focus on the elite players or a few players. That 100 to 200, striving to get in that top echelon, great players, can’t quite make it, but they’re not getting into the cash flow to help them get into that really top echelon.”

“And obviously the guys 500 to 1000 are just struggling to make a living so it’s the same thing. That money is so top heavy to those guys.”

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