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Banned from 3 Golf Clubs, Jason Akermanis says he's hard done by

Jason Akermanis - pictured at the 2017 Brownlow Medal - has been banned from three golf clubs.
Brownlow Medalist and 3-time AFL Premiership player Jason Akermanis says he's been unfairly punished by three Murray River golf clubs which have banned the former footballer from playing.

Akermanis - who lives in the Albury area - today told 3AW radio station that he's had his playing privileges revoked at nearby Thurgoona Resort, Commercial Club Albury and Wodonga Golf Club.

“We’ve got done for what they call incorrect scorecard which is a disqualification, which is just an error," Akermanis said referring to his recent ban from Thurgoona. 

"I would have put a 5 instead of a 4. Most clubs, they don’t care, they usually fix it in the pro shop but these guys didn’t and they have subsequently banned me indefinitely.

“I had a run-in at Albury, the great Albury. Albury’s probably not the best group of members you’ll ever see but the board is the worst."

Commercial Club Albury confirmed that Akermanis' membership has been cancelled indefinitely but wouldn't go into detail about the incident which led to the decision.

“I had a run-in, a guy abused me, he was moving my golf cart," Akermanis said. 

"I’ve gone up to sort of sort it out at the green on the next hole. I said ‘he touched my stuff’, a bit of language, and I said ‘don’t touch my stuff again’.

“The guy that did it, who sort of started it, got off scot-free and I got 12 months suspension."

Wodonga Golf Club would not comment on why it suspended the former Brisbane Lions great, though Akermanis told 3AW: “They decided to ban me indefinitely because I had too many shots on a charity golf day.”

Asked by 3AW host Neil Mitchell whether he was in fact “the problem” in each instance, Akermanis admitted some fault.

“The one where I sort of got a little bit heated, well that was sorted out and that was probably over-stepped it with a little bit of language.

“The other one’s a disqualification on a card, well that’s just an error, I’ve never done that before. It must have been just one hole somewhere, which is, often you put the wrong score in, it happens.”

The 42-year-old said he’s still able to play golf at nearby Howlong and Corowa golf clubs and is planning to return to live in Brisbane.

“It’s basically decided I’m going to go back to Brisbane, going to enjoy the warm weather back home with my family." 

Akermanis - who has previously said he would pursue a career in professional golf - said his handicap has drifted from scratch to 5 and that he hasn’t given up on his dream of playing golf for money just yet.

“I’ll give it one more, maybe this year, maybe the following year, and then I'll probably give it up, but I certainly don’t enjoy it like I did after these last three incidents.”

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