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Audrey Leishman Slams US Presidents Cup Fans

Audrey Leishman supporting her husband, Marc, at last week's Presidents Cup in the US state of New Jersey.
The Presidents Cup would love to emulate much about the Ryder Cup but according to Audrey Leishman, wife of Australian Cup representative Marc, they already share one trait: the obnoxious American fan.

In a stirring post on her blog devoted to raising awareness about Sepsis, an illness that nearly claimed her life in 2015, Audrey calls out American fans for their behaviour at last week’s one-sided contest.

The American daughter of immigrants titled the powerful post This Is Not The Tour I Know and in it, she recounts several examples of poor etiquette on the part of those in the crowd.

Clearly understanding the column will likely attract controversy, Audrey opens with the following:

“NOTE: I have tried to be overwhelmingly positive in the way I share my heart. Today may come across differently, and if you don’t want that, then I suggest you click the X at the top left of your page.”

What follows is a heartfelt essay about her own background and life in America, the community spirit of the PGA Tour, its players and their significant others and how saddened she was by some of the crowd, and player, behaviour.

“Last week was hard on my heart,” she writes. “That video right there pretty much sums up why. The fans felt the same way. I wonder why when that’s what they witnessed…”

The video she refers to is Daniel Berger speaking to Golf Channel on Saturday when it looked likely the American team would win enough points to win the Cup before the singles were even played.

Berger told the interviewer: “Our goal form the minute we got here was to just crush them as bad as we can and I hope that we close them out today and wo go out there tomorrow and just beat ‘em even worse.”

Killer instinct https://t.co/voBLZiVX0a

— Ari Marcus (@AriMarcus59) September 30, 2017

While Berger’s comments were likely made in the heat of the moment, the same excuse can’t be made for some of the fan behaviour Audrey refers to later.

“There were many times last week that I thought about what the kids were seeing,” she writes.

“The crowds booing for good shots and cheering for missed putts. The drinking at 7am? Screaming “Big Easy” to Ernie Els and begging for his autograph and then yelling at his players.

“Heckling a wife for her beauty and then her husband for his play. I was thankful my boys weren’t there to see the way people were treating their daddy. Their hero.”

An embedded video in the piece (below) shows an American fan yelling for Adam Hadwin’s tee shot to ‘get in the water’ off the first tee and Audrey recounts several examples of offensive cat calls from the gallery she witnessed personally.

“But last week was not the golf I know. During the opening ceremony, I was enjoying the Fanatics singing their songs that most people have come to love when I heard an American scream, ‘Speak English!’

1.  What an awful and ignorant thing to say.

2. They were speaking English.

3. Half of the International Team is bilingual. How many languages do you speak?”

While acknowledging most in the crowd were innocent, Audrey says the experience was saddening and closed the post with some poignant words.

“America has had a hard year,” she writes. “Last week was a chance to come together over something so simple, the love of golf.

“I wish we could have shown our best. With the Statue of Liberty as our backdrop, we certainly should have.”

The blog post is well worth reading in its entirety and can be found here.

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