Adam Scott likes what he sees

Adam Scott completed his 'official' obligations for this week's US Open with a press conference on Wednesday and he began by talking about the anticipation of so many of a return to a new look Pinehurst.

"It's been much anticipated by most of the players coming back here, because of significant changes and we're all interested to see what they did with the golf course since 2005," said the world number one.

"I don't think anyone's disappointed. I think what they've done has made a great golf course even better. And it's going to present a great challenge for the U.S. Open championship this week.

"I think the beauty about the game of golf is that we can have such different parameters to play in and all golf courses are unique and some have certain similarities, but there's such a wide range of the way to challenge any golfer, and certainly us.

"If you look at this to Augusta to TPC Sawgrass, some of our great championships are played on them and they're all completely different. So that's the beauty of golf. And it's hard to say that -- I don't know what they're calling it, but it's not lack of rough off the fairways here. And if you spend the week playing out of that, you're not going to do well. So I would say there's plenty of rough out there.

Scott was asked if the changes had created a golf course that had certain similarities to the courses back in Australia?

"Absolutely. Certain bits of it, the edges of the fairway are a little bare, and that's fine, because the fairways are very generous. The proportions are all right. And then the waste areas and some of the green surrounds are similar to Sun Belt golf back in Australia.

"There are obviously similarities, because there are options. I think that's what all those courses give you when you're just off the surface. You have options on how to play it. They're all very demanding, here maybe the most. It's hard to say, depending which area you miss it in.

"There are some areas which you really don't want to find yourself and then there are some other areas which are fairly playable and you'll get away with missing. Everyone is going to miss a few more greens this week than they're used to. So they better be ready for that. And patience will be tested. But certainly these chipping areas provided you with a lot of different options on how to play a shot. So imagination is going to be a big thing.

"But it also reminds us of a lot of other parts of the world, as well, I think. People have mentioned Pine Valley and Sunningdale and that area over in the UK. So it's a really nice mix. And, like I said, aesthetically it looks very nice, as well."

Scott is only too aware that his US Open record is below that of performances in the three other majors but he acknowledges that record is improving. He has a best in 12 previous starts of 15th, that coming at the Olympic Club in 2012 when admittedly he recovered from a horror start

"I haven't had the best record at the U.S. Open. It's hard to put a finger on a lot of it. I've talked to you all about ten years of playing pretty average, by my own expectations in Majors, and tried to improve that the last few years, and I think I've done a good job. But maybe not quite as good at the U.S. Open.

"I felt, at Olympic, I played very well the last 60 holes or so, after a really bad start on Thursday. And the confidence grew last year. I battled a little bit, maybe it's coincidence that I haven't had my best stuff at a U.S. Open but I certainly feel like where my game's at now, and the past few years, I should be able to compete here. I'm trying to build a game that can play anywhere. So it's a good week for me to kind of turn the corner and get in contention. I think this course sets up well to me."

Bruce Young
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