Aaron Baddeley quietly confident

Australian golfer Aaron Baddeley appears to have things back on track and his chances of a good week at this week's US Open appear to be a lot better than they were six months ago.

In fact ten days ago Baddeley did not even have a start in the event but a continuation of his recent good form earned him one of the 15 tournament spots available at his Sectional Qualifying venue in Columbus.

"It is pretty competitive in qualifying and to play that well on a day when you really need to was definitely encouraging for sure," he said referring to the challenge of just getting to Pebble Beach.

Baddeley is playing his 5th US Open, the most notable of his previous efforts coming in 2007 when he led into the final day before a round of 80 in the company of Tiger Woods saw him slip to finish 13th. It was a day from which he learnt.

"The biggest thing I got out of that was to be slower and take my time. I didn't actually feel myself rushing but after watching what Tiger did that day he actually did everything extra slow and deliberate that day and that taught me that any time I am in contention anywhere to be aware of that."

Just over 12 months ago Baddeley finally went back to his early coach Dale Lynch and he has been slowly but surely getting things back to the way they were.

"I think right now we are getting back to the end of the major changes and now it is just case of getting comfortable with it," he added.

"It is also a case of maintaining things without the bad habits creeping back in. There are still a couple of things that poke their heads up now and then but overall it is a matter of getting comfortable."

"I feel like I have been making steady improvement without necessarily putting any scores on the board so San Antonio was great in that regard," he added referring to his very encouraging and recent third place finish at the Texas Open behind Adam Scott.

Baddeley, like so many others, likes what he sees at Pebble Beach and the course set up.

"I've played three times at the AT&T event but this is a totally different set up. Mike Davis from the USGA has done an unbelievable job. It is the way golf should be. The ball will roll into the bunker rather than the rough in front of one stopping it. The shaved areas off the edge of the greens are great. It is a fantastic golf course and I wouldn't change anything."

Baddeley appears to be in a pretty good place right now.

"My scores might not necessarily suggest such but it is just a case of being patient and things should keep improving."

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