Impact Fix: Difference Between Good & Lucky

The Impact Fix is a feel for impact alignments, fixed in the mind and body before the swing starts. The rest of the swing feels are then fitted around it to make it easier and safer. We also have feels for the grip, stance, waggle, forward press and start up to finish, the total motion feel. If that seems complicated, that's because it is. However, it becomes easy with time and practice as the mystery is taken out of it.

From the Face-On view (Fig 1) the left arm and the club are in line. From the Down the Line view (Fig 2), the right forearm and the shaft are in line.

Extensor action, a gentle pressure down, not towards the ball, is applied to the left arm to make the swing stable and heavy. Then stand away as far as you can with the balance point a little towards the heels.

Important details like clubface alignment and position can be included. The clubface should be slightly open for Swingers to allow for their faster slightly hook-producing clubface closing motion and square to slightly closed for Hitters to allow for their slower-rolling small slice-producing motion. If the clubhead is aligned with the sweet spot on the ball then lowered to the ground, you will notice it falls a little toward you and the ball now rests more towards the toe with the club soled.

Once the Impact Address is part of the total motion it is "fixed" in your mind, you are welcome to return to your normal hands at mid-body address position (Standard Address Fig 3 and 4) or a hybrid of the two address's (Adjusted Address). Or you may stay in the Impact Fix Address and start your motion from there.

h3. Why Go To So Much Trouble?

Because impact is all that matters. The difference between good players and bad is the location of the hands at impact. Since this is the only location that determines success in the swing, it is worth making a study of the characteristics.

Done well, Impact Fix gives you a 90% chance of success. Your handicap, within five shots is predictable by your hands' position at impact. The forward clubshaft lean is mandatory.

If the Number One alignment - the left arm and shaft - is bent power is lost because the club cannot be supported by pressure from the hands and arms and is now both slowing down and rising, meaning you will hit the ground or the top of the ball.

If the Number Two alignment, the right forearm and shaft is bent, once again power and precision are lost. The best engineering is available with the right forearm being in line with the shaft (Down the Line View).

How do we go about achieving this wonderful piece of golfing magic?

Naturally if you try to implement this tomorrow on the golf course, you may hurt yourself. Make it a project over six months or six years without neglecting your normal programme for R&D. This will have major implications for your golfing and family life, so make sure the business is in your name.

h3. Start Small

Start in front of a mirror noticing the change necessary to get from Impact Fix back somewhere to through the ball. Start at 30 cms. And work out from there. Yes, it is the first we have felt that and there is no way we can use that in a golf swing, for now.

So we start with small shots in the yard at home. Look at pictures of good players to notice things not seen before.

Like anything new it feels different because it is different and NOT because it is wrong. Notice how quickly solid shots come when starting from impact fix. Later, start with any address position. Note however, that when moving back and forth between impact fix and standard address the hands are still mid-body.

Notice how close the ball seems. That is how close it has to be to be hit. Any farther away means throwing the power away behind the ball, not through it.

Notice the angle of approach of the shaft from half-way down. That will be a new one for 90% of us, a much flatter approach, usually two to eight inches flatter. But now everything can turn through together.

Notice there is a different Impact Fix for different shots. Notice that starting from impact fix how hard it is to turn the usual amount on the backswing. Some raise their heads to get around this but that leaves an opening for total failure on the project. It is better to stay down with a shorter swing. Why go back to an inferior routine? It will not be strange for long and all that your friends see is the ball flight.

Slowly introduce the Impact Fix into the pre-shot routine in practice, then on the course perhaps after giving up on scoring efforts. Halt the project at any time but get back onto it as soon as possible.

Impact Fix will make the difference. Starting the downswing to achieve correct impact is the most difficult move in sports without Impact Fix. It shows us the station that we must pass through. With Impact Fix in mind, anyone can learn do it.

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