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20 years of Tiger Woods

HE'S been the face of the game for 20 years and it all began two decades ago this week when Tiger Woods announced he was turning professional.

IT was 20 years ago this week that Tiger Woods uttered his now famous ‘Hello World’ line to a packed press conference at the Greater Milwaukee Open.

It was an innocent enough way to announce he had joined the pay for play ranks but little could anyone have known at the time what a wild ride the game, and Woods himself, was about to be taken on.

It’s a ride that has so far lasted two decades and, as far as we can tell, isn’t done yet.

And it’s one that has been witness to some of the most extraordinary feats imaginable by a player who dominated the game in a way nobody ever has before or since.

But for all his achievements on the course, Woods has also been one of the most polarising golfers the game has ever known, supporters and detractors alike fervent in their passion for their own particular position.

Whichever side of the fence you fall on, though, what is undeniable is Woods’ impact on the game, a legacy forged through sustained brilliant performance for more than a decade.

For all his accomplishments (and a few of the highlights will be laid out below), Woods’ biggest achievement might have been to move golf, for a time, out of the sports section and into the mainstream. Greg Norman was famous but Woods was golf’s first genuine superstar.


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