2 hole in ones - same hole, same group!

On Thursday 10th May 2012 on Q 3 at Joondalup Country Club on Ladies day, Terri Parks and Delnaz Roussilhes who are both Joondalup Country Club members were enjoying their round, got to the 3rd hole (Quarry) and both hit their tee shots.

On this occasion the base of the flag was not visible from the Ladies tee, and when the group arrived at the green only two balls could be seen. After searching around the green, in the bunker, down the bank of the Quarry, Terri glanced in the hole to find the two balls - one on top of the other.

Although neither won the competition of the day, the girls were pretty pleased.

What are the chances?

* What are the chances of a hole in one in your round?
* What are the chances of two holes in one in the same round?
* What are the chances that the two holes in one are on the same par3 in the same round?
* What are the chances that the two players are in the same group, marking each other's card, on the same hole, in the same round?

According to the Hole in One Odds website "“ 1 in 17,000,000

Source: Golf WA

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