South West
Rottnest Island Country Club
18 Holes
PAR 70
5543 M
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Well that was an....experience. I have to say straight off the bat that the hire clubs they have are SHIT. I could bend the driver shaft alarmingly with just my thumbs and forefingers. Useless. The tiny-headed Tommy Armour 3 wood/metal was at least usable. The irons were a mixed set so it was a very different experience than using one's own clubs, so I just wanted to preface this review by pointing out I wasn't using my own clubs, and it really affected my enjoyment of the course. I also played in May 2012 so the planned retic upgrades haven't yet taken effect I don't think. The island is a big sand patch so understandably, the fairways were rough and dodgy but I expected that. The course itself is an interesting mix of some super-wide fairways for forgiveness, but lots of natural island scrub rough so if you miss the fairways, it's bye bye ball. The second hole for example has a blind dogleg left over a small hill to the green, I had no idea how far around to cut the corner so ended up hitting my desired line but turned out too long. Bye bye ball. I brought 8 of my own from my bucket of found balls, and I lost 4 of them! I know you don't lose balls from the fairway, but unlike most courses, here you have almost zero chance of finding your ball if you stray off line unless you see EXACTLY where it landed. The sand greens were shocking, first time I've ever played on sand and as they weren't smoothed over, it was alternately lightning fast with almost zero friction, or like trying to putt through treacle. No consistency whatsoever. The only astro green was the 9th and that was like putting on green concrete it was so fast! Many of the tee areas are elevated which was interesting. They are astroturf mats that allow a tee to be pushed in only somewhat, so no short tee-ups. It cost me $22 for 9 holes plus club hire, but my accomodation had a 2 for 1 voucher so I'll get a second free round for that price. I'm here for 2 weeks so will likely use it, but if it wasn't for the free round I wouldn't bother paying to play with those hire clubs again. I reckon it'd be decent fun with your own clubs, but if you don't have them, it's almost not worth bothering. Those hire clubs I had were so shite it really ruined my enjoyment of some beautiful weather :-(
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$12 for 9 holes plys extra for club hire.

The course was nice and picturesque but I found the holes are difficult. Maybe it was because I was using borrowed clubs. The greens are not as simple as first impressions seem.

If I get a chance to play again, I’ll being me own clubs. I’ll then beef my rating up.

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