Wembley Golf Course
18 Holes
PAR 73
5689 M


The Wembley Golf Complex is set on 300 acres of undulating land in the centre of the Perth metropolitan area.

It comprises two 18-hole golf courses, the Old and Tuart, which provide a wide range of challenges to even the most accomplished golfers, a day/night driving range and a tavern and kiosk.

Hire clubs and buggies available as well as electric buggies.

39 Reviews
Decent course however day was ruined by poor management. Teed off in a 4 some to play 18 holes on the Old Course. No mention when I booked that my playing partners were only on for 9 holes!!! Very slow 2nd nine as all groups in front were in 4s - none of whom were keen to let me play through. Fairways in very good state however majority of the greens are pockmarked from un-repaired divots and putting was an awful experience as a result. Driving range facilities are excellent however very windy and not fun on a cold morning.  Rack rate $38 about right if greens get fixed.
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I played the Tuart course last Monday (9/5/16), and I thought the course was in decent condition apart from the greens and the fact that the first hole has been converted from a 440m par 5 to a 300m par 4! What the **** ? I loved that hole! Anyway, the greens were mostly covered in unrepaired pitch-marks. Those marks, coupled with the soft greens, made putts bobble all over the place. When it's in good condition, Wembley is an amazing course, but it might be a while before it gets back to its former glory.

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Played on Monday in a trainee pro-am. Fairways in great condition and greens were well paced. As with most other courses people need to fix their own pitch marks and some one else's. Definitely not in disrepair
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A lovely course being ruined by poor grounds keeping. A regular visitor to Wembley for the past 3 years and very sad to see it quickly fall into a state of disrepair. The greens are some of the worst I have played in WA. Other players simply don't seem interested in repairing pitch marks or scuff marks on greens. Course is being way overplayed. Will be thinking long and hard before I return. for once it was the course and not my golf that ruined a nice walk!
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Been playing regularly at Wembley for about five years and having read the reviews on this site, it doesn't surprise me to read so many of my fellow golfers complain about the staff. The course itself is fantastic - definitely in the conversation for best public offering in Perth - but ultimately it's Wembley's staff which create the most distinct characteristic for this golf club. While my golfing mates and I will continue to visit Wembley, I won't hesitate to inform anyone who asks, that they are a bunch of f**king w**kers who work there.
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For amusement only, not advice!! Having taken up golf this year to partner a friend I found I liked it, especially if you do not take your performance too seriously. At 70, little is taken seriously except your health.After a few months and I got to the stage of managing to stay on the fairway most of the time and not losing a bucket load of balls we decided to play a game at Wembley Old Course. We looked forward to the game and the quality of the course to see how we sized up. The tee off time, in precise minutes, gave us a hint of what was likely to happen and we joked about how they would manage to control such a precise program in such an imprecise game. We did not have long to find out. When the group in front of us seemed beyond range of my usual dismal first shot I teed off. To my surprise the ball reached them and rolled 20 metres past. Was this a promise of how the day would be? No. When we caught up with them on another hole I apologised for my magnificent effort and they said 'no problem' or danger. Our 2 groups quickly caught up with a slow group and the others managed to accelerate past them [or skipped a hole] However we were held up by some rather tardy play and walking back up the fairway 200 metres to retrieve a glove. Having hit through one group we hung back to be a safe distance. This was when I found out the real purpose of golf carts at Wembley, to enable the head 'scout' of some 40 ladies playing as a group to harass golfers ahead 'to get a move on' and if necessary play over other golfers heads. This was a new aspect of golf I had not experienced as even in my cradle stage I knew this was a no no. As we did not have a golf cart, we could not harass the group in front of us, so we had the annoyance of the ladies army behind us and dead beats in front of us. Needless to say I quickly lost a ball, our game slid to unheard of depths and we made a few visits to sandy regions. It took us 3 holes to recover our game and we were relieved to see a management FastResponse member [the power of mobile phones] fly past us in cart as we were sitting in the sun awaiting to play. He spoke to the tardy group, [we were hoping for a quick lash of a 3 iron] and they went from snails pace to tortoise pace. After the first 9 holes the players thinned thank goodness and we had the luxury of no one in front or behind. Hopefully the 'tardies' choked up the coffee queue and further annoyed the 'womens liberation army'. Yes, we enjoyed the last 9 holes although the greens were like a tilted snooker table and the balls were like a horses..wanting to return to the stableer tee. Will we play Wembley again? I think we would be VERY careful when picking the time of day as being part of a 'sausage processing plant' timetable does not give an enjoyable experience which is what we do it for. Hope this helps others thinking of playing Wembley.
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