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What an enjoyable experience. This a family day out or boys day out not to be missed. With its relaxing atmosphere and surrounding beer/wine/dining opportunities, what more could you ask for on a weekend? The balls are bigger but they end up being easier to hit under. A trick to make your drives go beyond 100m is to hit the "big boy" or the wood off the ground for your tee shot. You will increase your chance of keeping the ball down, making it fly flatter, skidd and run further and most importantly NOT HIT THE OVERHANGING TREES. I believe this is the real secret to super golf. This is a golfing experience not to be missed and heaps of fun for players who normally walk off a course frustrated and embarassed. Everybody loves this.
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Super Golf. This is a blast. Take the wife and kids when the sun is out and have a fun time, great food and lovely setting. Golfing wise Super Golf is big clubs and balls. Skill is required to make the trip from tee to green without taking forever but nobody can seriously miss a ball this big.

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