Rockingham Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 72
6210 M


A private club, set amongst beautiful native bushland but watch out for kangaroos on the fairways. 18 hole course, full bar facilities. Please phone ahead for a booking. Golfers must have their own clubs. Dress rules apply.

Golfing equipment and repairs, lessons and clinics, club evaulation and fitting available at the Pro Shop.

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I played Rockingham Golf Course on June this year twice, whilst playing in the pennant season. For the money, this course is a reasonable test of golf and the greens were ok given the water shortages experienced in the area. It has some long, tight holes and was a lot longer and tougher than I expected. Due to some fires that took place earlier in the year, you might find your ball now if it goes in the trees on most missed shots, but you will still find it difficult playing it back out onto the fairway, given the sandy lies around and burnt blackboy stumps everywhere. The the fires have deteriorated some of the scenery and explains for all the burnt tree stumps. However some of the rain we are getting now has making some of the undergrowth come back. Now for the front nine: The first hole is a par 4, very open off the tee and reasonably easy with a bunker front-left of the green - which slopes to the right. The 2nd is a great par 5, doglegging left and then right and with a few dips and swayles to it's fairway. This hole requires good position on the drive/second shots and is around the 480m mark in length with a large green. The 3rd is a par 3, playing 145m to a slightly elevated green, sloping from back to front. The 4th is a long par 4, doglegging left and over the 350m mark. This green is tricky with a number of tiers. The 5th is a par 4, doglegging right, over a small slope and around a gum tree. Both those holes require perfect position from the tee to avoid both a tight sandy lie or the bushy blackboy infested rough on both sides. The 6th is an easy, dead straight par 4 running eastward, where you can even take 3 wood from the tee. Its arguably the easiest par 4 on the course. It plays only about 330m long. The 7th is a long and straight par 5, running directly to the west and is difficult into the sea breeze. This hole is tight with sandy rough on the right with trees, so dont miss it right or you are restricted with your second shot's distance. This one plays about 510m long - the longest par 5 on the course. The 8th is the longest par 3 on the course - a great hole playing also westward into the sea breeze and about 195m long. Now a few greenside bunkers would make this hole REAL tough. The 9th is a good par 4 and around 380m, reasonably straight and with bunkers short of the green. The back nine: The 10th is a longish par 4 doglegging right, with blackboys and a bunker on the right to catch the errant drive and also a bunker at the front of the green to catch the thinned approach. The 11th is another long par 4, doglegging slightly left around a large tree stump and uphill to an unbunkered green, however approached 370m long so plays quite difficult. The 12th is a relatively easy par 3, playing around 140m with some bunkers short and left of the green. The 13th is my favorite hole of the back nine, a par 5 which runs uphill. The fairway is one of the more open ones on the course for the drive, but gets very tight for the second shot due to trees on the right/left. These catch most people out trying to go for the green in two that dont hit their shot dead straight over the fairway bunker, about 80m out. The 14th is a par 4 which doglegs left to an elevated green and plays around 360m long, with green sloping uphill towards the back left. The 15th is a long par 3, about 170m long and well bunkered at the front and right. The wind really effects how this hole is played. The 16th is a par 5, plays slightly downhill for the drive, through the blackboy forest. It then doglegs left and uphill towards the green for the 2nd/3rd shots. Its a good birdie hole if you get hold of your drive up the left side, get the roll of the slope on the left and see the green. The 17th is a par 4, not that long but the green slops viciously to the right, so land any approach just short and left of the green, then you'll be fine and won't run off. Finally the 18th is a dogleg left par 4. The fairway slopes slightly to the right for the drive and can bring the trees into play if you dont aim far left enough or get too much run on your shot. The approach is long but the green has no bunkers short of it. So at around 6,200m long, I was really tested by this layout given that it was a relatively flat course. Thing is, it's a very tight course and so is quite unforgiving on a number of tee shots. I'll be back in the summer time when there's a bit more growth though.
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ok nice cheap green fees but when i went most was dry and dead in summer but in winter a nice green course beautiful tree lined fairways and some great holes
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A good course with a few bunkers and challenges. The greens are very well kept and fairways are pretty good. The course is too up and down and needs more doglegs. still a good course and well worth playing on.

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