Maylands Peninsula Golf Course
18 Holes
PAR 71
5616 M
21 Reviews
Course is great, well managed fairways/greens, staff are awesome...however could really do with some better management on the weekends esp Saturday. 18 holes is about 5hrs at least on a Sat! Always overbooked and when the course is full and moving slowly you barely see any staff out trying to move players along. The trees on 14 could use a trim, playing rather tight now and with OB on left it slows up play with lots of people hitting extra shots . 
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Played a quick 9 at Maylands recently, and was delighted with the course. It's not Perth's hardest course by any stretch, but the fairways are in fine condition, the greens are slick and tricky. The staff are friendly but yes, they do tend to overbook, be careful any weekend. Of course there's flies and mozzies in November, it's right on the river, bring high-strength repellant and you'll be fine.
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Maylands has gone downhill bigtime in the last 12 months. They overbook the course, never run ontime, inefficiency abounds. Mosquitos and flies galore.
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As a member of a private club in Perth, I often get down to Maylands for a change of scenery. The staff are always friendly, we always find the course in good shape, especially for around $20. In the past couple of months, it seems to have become very busy- obviously due to Burswood closing down- so I suppose that we will have to get used to Maylands no longer being the quiet hideaway where you can turn up and get a game. I'm curious of DJWIZZPIXEL, how can you know they double book tee-times? Seems a bit unfair to make a claim like that looking in from the outside. Also, PROVISIONALRELIEF, I'm wondering where those pleasant surrounds are, as I find lots of other golf courses in the metro area are unable to fit any more players in on the weekends. Just putting it out there.....
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Perth's easiest golf course, like playing on a football oval Nice location next to river Very busy, friendly Overused overbooked, poorly managed, no course marshalls Mens toilets are filthy disgusting
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Unfortunately I have to agree, Maylands has become a nightmare for the public golfer. I played there recently with a mate, we arrived at the fourth hole to find a massive backup, we waited 25 mins to tee off and it was much like that for the rest of the day, we barely finished before sunset and our tee off time was before 2:30pm! They're just taking bookings without any regard for what's happening thereafter. No on-course management by the staff, it's a shambles, forget weekend golf at Maylands.
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