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In early 2017, the Town of Claremont appointed Golf Oracle Pty Ltd to manage and operate the all new par 3 golf course once significant refurbishments were complete. Terry Gale redesigned the golf course and supervised the construction during the Autumn of 2017. The new course design comprises of 9 Holes all being Par 3's ranging in distance from 87 meters to 137 meters. There is a new café adjoining the course called the TeeBox Café.

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If you compare with canning vale par 3's this one is lower condition. The green is worse than my lawn at home. Nothing more to review :( . Not worth your money at all.
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The "Long Course" was closed a couple of years ago. Only the very short, par 3 course remains. Poor quality. Tried to give it 0.5/5 but the system would not let me.
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This course is a poular haunt for novice bush bashers and surfies from Perths posh west coast side. The normal golf dress codes are thrown out the window on this public course with thongs stubbies and singlets along with bikinis and sarongs being the most popular attire. The course is short and wide to help cater for the pathetic players who go around 18 holes between 120 and 180 shots. There is even a little 9 hole par 3 course for the super hackers ! A great course for beginners and mung beans.

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Excellent Par 3 course for the young aspiring golfer. My dad use to bring me here when i was about 6 to learn the game and fell in love with it, i still go back to touch up my short game and next year plan to bring my son there to start to learn as well.

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Played there expecting more and found less. The greens were shocking to say the least and fairways well you could say weed ways. should have asked for a refund might as well putted on my front lawn!

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This course should be recognised for what it is, a perfect place to learn the game, and not spend too much.

A challenging 9 holes, allbeit a little short.

The greens and fariways are of ever-varying quality, but it _is_ value for money...

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