Lake Claremont Golf Course
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If you compare with canning vale par 3's this one is lower condition. The green is worse than my lawn at home. Nothing more to review :( . Not worth your money at all.
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The "Long Course" was closed a couple of years ago. Only the very short, par 3 course remains. Poor quality. Tried to give it 0.5/5 but the system would not let me.
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this course wouldn't even rate as a cow paddock!!!. dont bother. leave it to the locals.

only nine holes most of which are par threes (3 of them). my front lawn gets mowed more often.

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Went to Lake Claremont with a mate yesterday morning. Definately not what I was expecting!

Should have brought a machete and 4wd buggy. Fairways resembled a rollercoaster, and the greens weren't much better. However the green on hole 3 looked beautiful. Lush, green, flat, encircled by palms. Then up to tee off on 4 , and we were back on safari.

Short 9 is a great course. Pitch and putt at its finest! Wedge, putt, done.

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This course should be recognised for what it is, a perfect place to learn the game, and not spend too much.

A challenging 9 holes, allbeit a little short.

The greens and fariways are of ever-varying quality, but it _is_ value for money...

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Played there expecting more and found less. The greens were shocking to say the least and fairways well you could say weed ways. should have asked for a refund might as well putted on my front lawn!

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