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Massive improvements. Hadn't played Hillview in about two years but played a quick 9 round the classic nine last week. Happy to say it's the best condition I've ever seen it in, the fairways were looking green, the greens we're in A grade in condition and the ground between hole and tee boxes have all been cleaned up, along with most of the rough and trees. Well done to the course management as they have certainly made an effort to improve the course from what it was.
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Nothing but a dog farm.
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Thought this course was quite good value for money, played here a few times and thought the staff were excellent. The course is in average condition but a little underrated for its price.Quite good for the average golfer.
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Let me know when hell freezes over, so I can make my next booking at Wembley. Played Hillview today in under 3 hours, great reception from staff, very courteous and all this for 10 dollars less then Wembley. Nice to know some managers care about running their courses and taking care of the golfer's.
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I played there today and really enjoyed the course. I shot a 98 which is my best ever for 18 holes, I've only started playing 9 holes weekly for the last 3 months. The course itself is very interesting with fairway and greenside bunkers on nearly every hole, and some water on Lakeside and Heritage holes. If you spray it off the tee (as I do), the rough between fairways is open and generous which enables us high handicappers to get the ball back in play easier than many other courses. But you still have to avoid those greenside bunkers! I found 2 but was able to get out in a single shot each time. Lucky I watch so many Youtube videos as my local course has no bunkers anywhere! I played the Lakeside 9 (50) and the Heritage 9 (48). I far preferred the Lakeside 9 although the greens were lightning fast! The Heritage 9 was a bit scrubbier and I thought the layout was a bit less interesting, but still fun. Even though today was a public holiday it only cost $22 for 18 holes. I'll definitely be going back there in future to replay Lakeside and to try the Classic 9. Can't comment on the practise area or driving range or bar/cafe, but the pro shop although smallish seemed at a quick glance to carry the regular big name brands and current equipment.
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Only two bad things. Lot of bark if you hit out of fairway becareful it will destroy you irons and poor management on weekend with lot of competition group. If you start early morning Please finish you first nine within 1.45 hrs otherwise you will stuck for an hour with the competition group all courses.
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