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Fairly friendly course for high handicap hackers like myself and my mates, we play 9 holes most Fridays as we work int he area. If you're long but inaccurate off the tee like me, you could lose a few balls as the native grass trees in the rough love to eat golf balls. It's actually easier if you hit the next fairway over rather than land in the sandy rough full of native grass trees, shrubs and other trees as you can at least then pitch back over onto the correct fairway! If you land in the rough, just take your medicine and punch back onto the fairway. Trying to thread a clever shot through all those branches etc is fraught with peril. We play 9 holes after work on weekdays, starting around 4pm, and we tend to start on hole 10 as the first tee is fairly busy, but the back 9 is very quiet. So we 4 hackers can amble along without holding anyone up. LOTS of dogleg holes as mentioned, if you drive past 250m you'll need to shape it round the corners or place a fairway wood off the tee. Even though we are poor players, I'd actually like to have some water or bunkers to spice things up a bit. Only the first hole has fairway bunkers on the left rough about 200m in, and that's it for the entire course. The greens vary in pace a lot, some a dead slow and others surprisingly fast, and although looking smooth can be quite bumpy to putt on. But overall the course is in good nick, the fairways are well maintained, and $16 for 9 holes isn't too bad. $25 for 18 on weekends is cheap too but I've never played so can't comment on how busy it would be. My guess though would be very! Not much to challenge better golfers but a nice stroll for the oldies (lots of them) and casual player.
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Been playing Hamersley for a few years now, and as it's playing today, some of the best value golf in Perth. It's not a difficult course, but whatever it loses on 'challenge' it makes up in fun. Mostly wide fairways and rough that won't break your heart, true and well-maintained greens, and a few blind holes that are traps for those unfamiliar. There's an OK driving range and chipping/putting area, the bar and finger-food area is accessible and cheap.
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Have played Hamersley a couple of times lately. The course is very well presented and in excellent condition. Unlike its Wembley cousin down the road Hamersley has taken the trouble to mow the winter grass between fairways. The fairways are very well cut. It is a class above Wembley at the moment.
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Played nine holes at Hamersley Golf Course about 12 months ago on a Sunday. I found the play to be extremely slow and so were the greens, as a wet week in fact. They were bumpy and needed a very good roll. However the greens you could putt onto nicely if you missed them as there isn't much bunkering around the greens and the grass is cut smoothly.

This course is very tight and unforgiving if you miss the fairways, a bit like Wembley (old course) just a lot shorter. Its great for beginner and for a social hit now and then. But this wouldn't be the course I'd go boasting to people about. With its affordable price it is the most played track in Perth for the social golfer. However for the better player, pay the $30 bucks and play Joondalup at twilight :)

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great course for beginners greens and fairways pristeen however not many challenges for the better golfers

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I Have played this course for about 10 years now and i go back because good grren fee’s but most of all what a great looking course the greens are the best i have ever played on for a public course and theFairways are some of the best in Perth just of there right now.

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