Fremantle Public Golf Course
9 Holes
PAR 68
4750 M
13 Reviews
Freo is a fairly straight-forward course with very little in the way of strategic play on offer. Bunkering is minimal and rarely much of a threat. With that said the 2nd hole with it's low hanging trees overhead off the tee has left me feeling kind of stupid on more than one occasion. If you can punch your way down-hill and avoid flying your ball into this obstacle you're doing well. This is followed up with 2 150m odd par 3s. If you miss the greens here there is plenty of grass around to get up and down. After bashing your way around the next 4 holes you get to the final hole - a great hole to finish on and the highlight of the course with it's elevated tee and strategically placed fairway bunker. The fairways are generally narrow, so unless you are completely confident with your driver it's often best just to tee off with fairway wood, hybrid or long iron.
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It's a very public golf course. You can wear a singlet and thonged to play golf. So inappropriate and I'm very shocked to see can play if you do not mind just wear casual clothes and go play. Green condition pretty average. Narrow fairways with lots of trees. The second hole have to hit punt shot only, because there's a lot of trees obstructing ball flight.The 8thnhole more challenging and you will be disappointed because the green contain is very poor. Love the 9th hole. For the bathroom, the male side of it is when you enter you ,ay be surprised seeing people showering. But it's ok for those whom don't mind about their privacy. Coffee was disgusting and quite expensive costing 3.50. Not worth it. Recommended to play at point Walters with a 50 cent difference in price for 9 holes for the same area.
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A short course that could do with some tree pruning. Probably best place for social groups to celebrate xmas. It's in fairly good condition, but you just wish you could play its private neighbour over the fence. Rather expensive.
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Played here last thursday! will never go back. worst place i have ever played.
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Back in 04 I embarked upon this course look for a fun and affordable adventure. Well, at least the folk managed to get the latter right. I didn't return in fears that the next visit would be a mirror of the first, but in January this year a mate asked me to come down. I simply came out of generosity, but to my supprise the place is great now. No longer do I have to be attend by "Mr.Grumps", now a nice, large team of knowledgable, funny and on-the-ball young people manage the place headed by a just as lovely women and man. The grounds have been improved and well kept, as well as the driving range. The golf shop has a great viriety and the porch takes in a cool breeze from the ocean. The great prices also set me strait. Never has my mind been so quickly changed about a golf course. I hope to establish myself as a regular. Fremantle Public Golf Course, I'm routing for you!
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I was never going back, that was after a game in 2005, the course was poor and the staff were quite blunt. Recentlty I was invited to a bbq at a friends place in Freo, 45 mins from my house. Mid afternoon he said lets go and have a game at Freo Public. I was hesitant after my last experience there. I didn't have my clubs with me, and therefore hired some. What a difference, the staff in the Pro Shop are very friendly and ready for a joke and a laugh, unlike my last visit in mid 2005, the afternoon was a fun-filled experience. We hit a small bucket of balls on the Driving Range ( natural grass teeing area),then headed for the course. We were paired up with a couple of older gents, who play every week, and they were able to let us in on the course secrets. The course was busy with it being the holidays and good weather, though we still managed to get around in good time. The course is fairly tight, hit straight not long was the order of the day. The course was in very good condition and there is a new green almost ready to play on the 5th. I was extremely surprised by the changes, and talking to the staff after the round, found that their had been a change in management in recent years, this explains the why there was such a difference in the appearance of the course and the staff attitudes.
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