Cottesloe Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 72
5985 M
4 Reviews
Over the last 10 years I have played just about every course private and public in Western Australia, and I would rate Cottesloe in my Top 3. Along with Karinyup and The Cut in Mandurah. Still don't know how Mt Lawley is rated above courses like WA Golf Club and Cottesloe ??
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This is one of the best golf courses in perth karrinyup,vines,cut are nothing compare to this with wonderful undulating fairways,beautiful greens, well placed bunkers and it is also hilly which is always fun!!! Graham Marsh has done a great job re-designing the course. And a great layout:)
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I had heard good things but was disappointed. An OK course but not good use of the rolling sandy terrain and it is all Kikuyu.

Have attempted some mods with Graham Marsh and they are an unmitigated disaster - never seen anything so out of place in my entire life.

Reminds me a little of Pymble or Killara in Sydney, very posh and serious but not a particularly good course.

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I was extremely disappointed with my cottesloe golf course (not even located in cottesloe!!!) experience, anyone looking for golf in Cottesloe should go to Sea View, who's 9 holes are far superior to cottesloe's 18. Plus, at Sea View you get the views that the suburb is known for. The junior pennants side looked quite incompitent, no chance against Sea View. Waste of money!!

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