City Of Canning Golf Course

9 Holes
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This course does exist and it is not Whaleback, Melville Glades or Glen Iris. Its a 9 hole pitch/putt style track with the longest hole measured at 210m. It has medium paced greens with some bunkering and a water carry on the 2nd. Here are the holes: 1: par 3, 147m 2: par 3, 86m 3: par 3, 130m 4: par 3, 93m 5: par 3, 180m 6: par 3, 141m 7: par 3, 205m 8: par 3, 156m 9: par 3, 110m This is a bit like western Sydney's Tree Valley, only better IMHO. One of the few courses I could play to a +2 handicap week in week out. It was a good pitch, putt and iron course. It is excellent for those wishing to work in the short game as there is no real opportunity to hit driver. There is maybe one long iron or 5 3w hole. It's a good course to play quickly, 9 holes took an hour, and you cam play 18 on just over double that. Will play this course again for sure...
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This course does not exist. The address is for Whaleback, which is already in iseekgolf
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