Bayswater Public Golf Course
9 Holes
9 Reviews
A great little par 3 course with a few short 4's thrown in, 1st is driveable on a down breeze, 4th is an easy on. Well kept, tidy, can be slow due to beginnersbut to be expected.One big critism though is that they recently put the prices up both midweek and weekend. Certainly made it a lot tougher to choose over other courses now that it almost costs the same as the larger tracks. I used to get around there twice a week but now i'm lucky if I'm there once a month due to the new pricing. Someone is a little greedy. 
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Good simple course. Very well kept. Very nice surrounding trees and greens. Nice fairways. Great little course. The grass is usually quite lush. Be good for beginners because of all the short par 3s. Play there regularly.
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Great little track. Its mainly a par 3 course but has a few short par 4's, 2 of which are drivable. Not in back condition considering its only a par 3 9 hole course. Tees and greens are decent kikuya and are mowed regularly. bent grass greens, these are a bit spongey and run pretty slow most of the time. Great course to work on the high irons and wedges.
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Great little course if your only looking to play a quick nine.Leave your driver in the bag,useally able to rock up weekdays and get a round but need to book for the weekends. Nice quiet course.

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This course is short and easy, great for beginners and very cheap to play. It has 6 short par 3's and 3 par 4's. The greens are slow. The course is easy to play quickly and good for a quick round after work. It is good for practice but thats where I'd draw the line as a better player.

A good choice for a pitch, putt and the odd wood and short iron approach shot. The practice green and bunker is good for fine tuning the chipping game.

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A good little course for beginners, although intermediate players could use it to practise their short game and iron play.

I played my golf here when I first started off as a kid. However, it's too short to satisfy those who want to use a driver off the tee.

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