Kimberley & Pilbara
Derby Boabs Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 72
6144 M


Men’s 9 holes Scroungers every Wednesday 2.30pm registration for 3pm hit-off. Saturday 18 holes Men and Ladies 12noon for 12.30 pm hit-off. Sundays 9 holes social Men and Ladies 2pm for 2.30pm. 

Visitors are always welcome to play in competitions or to just enjoy this unique course famous for its boab trees.

5 Reviews
Got the surprise of the trip (30,000k so far) driving into Derby last month- grass greens! As it was a only 42degrees I did what any sensible person would do, I walked around a golf course swinging a club. As luck would have it the number of swings was somewhere between between par and bogey on average which meant I could save some energy for just walking. How a sane person could say he enjoyed losing five kilos and looking like the Wicked Witch who had just melted, but I did. Greens were a bit furry but held the line. As much grass as could be expected on the fairways, and massive Boabs to act like pins in a pinball machine to keep you on course. Cheap as chips to play and I wish I'd arrived on a weekend to enjoy the re-hydration after with the locals. Don't be a snob and have a go, just take plenty of water. The Relic.
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A nine hole course, but with 11 greens. Two holes (2/11 & 3/12) have different tees and greens. 8/17 and 9/18 have different tees. The rest are the same both times around. The fairways were in excellent condition and although there are no bunkers the use of Boab trees creates some degree of difficulty. The course crosses over the local racecourse several times, but you get a free drop from the track if you finish there. The greens were a little bare in places and slow, but played better than they looked. Well worth a hit if you are in the area. Green fees of $20 for 18 holes or $10 for 9.
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Magnificient grass course known as The Boabs. Fully watered course with great greens and threaded among the Boab trees which are a feature of the area.

Competitions at the weekends during the winter months - with "scroungers" 9 hole comp on Wednesdays 2.30pm. Everyone is welcome.

Check with the Visitors Bureau in need.

Course is situated approx. 1 km from town. An easy walking course.

The course is unique in that there are 7 regular holes and two holes which are configurated in such a way that they play as 4 different holes.

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A magnificent 18 hole course studded with over 250 wonderous boab trees. This testing course is known as '' the BOABS''. No need for bunkers here the trees are about 4 metres wide and are placed strategically on all holes. The course is only two years old and I hear there are plans to put in some water hazards which would make this the most memorable course in Northern Australia. The fairways are the best I have seen in Australia, the greens are small and elevated and require top skills to hold. The greens are a tad spikey at present but will improve over the next few years. The course is long and quite flat and easy to get around on foot. Tee off around 1 pm as the clubhouse does not open for drinks until 4pm. The club is full of friendly characters and hold comps on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The course is open 365 days per year and green fees are only 20$. A gem of a course and a great little town as well ideally located in the heart of the west kimberley tourist attractions.

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I was blown away by the beauty of this course. Hailing from california i have played on some wonderful layouts but this is great with long par 4 holes and reachable par 5' s. The par 3 holes look straight foward but the small elevated greens mean pinpoint iron play to make a good score. There is no sand on this layout which is good because the lovely big boab trees can cause problems on atleast 7 holes. There is a par 3 on this course which has an ugly rivine between the green and the tee. Fill this with water and you would have to have the most picturesque holes in the world with two huge boab trees eating into the green. Mindblowing stuff.

Most of the fairways are very narrow with beautiful grass but the rough is horrendous with thick grass and twiggy brush making it easy to lose balls. A local said '' you should see it in the fu##ing wet season !

All in all an unforgettable course with some of the best fairways ive ever seen and some of the worst rough. I will always remember those boabs.

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