Kimberley & Pilbara
Broome Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 72
5956 M
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If you want to play golf in a place as far North as Broome,don't expect cool balmy weather. However you can expect grass greens! Played in September in a howling gale which was shaking the clubhouse up on the hill but some sting taken out on the relatively sheltered course. 500m drive in the hire cart to the first tee or drive your car to the central car park after paying your reasonable fees. Joined a couple of members for the round which was fortuitous because there are a couple of surprises in where to go, both to the green and to the next tee. Slowish greens are a bit up and down in quality, fairways are in good nick. If you like some sort of liquid refreshment, take enough with you for the full round and don't forget the trip back to the clubhouse. Hard to say if the rating would be as high if there hadn't been weeks of sand scrapes leading up to this little gem. Worth a trip (Don't know about 30,000k though!)
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This is my second trip to Broome, and as always, I packed the clubs for a friendly hit. Folks, this course to me just seems to be getting better and better. Forget the heat, humidity and the flies; just enjoy what is on offer here. A superb course, the friendliest locals and ground staff (I hope the boys enjoyed that carton of Pale Ales I left for them), and a fantastic watering hole at the end of your round. I call upon all of my fellow iseekgolf compadres, get to Broome and GOLF!!!!
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18 hole course with grass greens. Fairways were lush and green. Has a couple of peculiar holes with trees in the wrong places. The first is a very short par 4, but doglegs to the left, so the options are to try and hit it over the trees or play a medium iron for position. Par 72 for both men and women, but rates 69 for men and 70 for women. Clubhouse is perched on top of a hill, so drive to the clubhouse to register, then drive back to the first tee before getting your clubs out. Apart from the elevated 18th tee the rest of the course is relatively flat.
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Played Broome whilst on holidays. The course plays well with recycled water in use. The Par 4's towards Port Road can be a touch boring. However there is plans to toughen them up. Also two of the greens on the back nine are currently being rebuilt which will add to the course. The greens are of a good standard with minimal pitch marks. The routing is a little bit mixed up and I was asked to start from the 18th and then go to the 10th.
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I played at Broome last Christmas and the overwhelming memory was the heat and humidity of the ‘wet season’. The course itself was nothing special, being mostly flat, fairly sparsely treed (as is the norm in northern Australia) and with no great hazards.

The card reads 5821m, par 72 and ACR 69.

The course has been carved out of eucalypt scrubland on the outskirts of the town of Broome. Flat well grassed fairways and broadleaf grass greens are the order of the day. It is a testament to the dedication of the club, that the course survives the heat and intense tropical rainfall and remains open for play year round.

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18 holes -nice fairways -good greens. A long walk to the first hole downhill fortunately, however the climb back to the 18th tee is locally known as cardiac hill or triple bypass trail. Then it's another 15 minute walk back up the hill to the clubhouse. If you don't have a car or a cart it's a backpackers nightmare. The view from the club house is unforgettable if your into mountain climbing. If your lucky you might even get a free beer off Skeetsy or Ollie Ryan-really lucky ! 220 kms up the road is ''the Boabs'' in Derby. WOW what a course!

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