Northampton Golf Club

18 Holes
PAR 72
5716 M
1 Reviews

Avoid this course on Sundays and Wednesdays, club days.

Costs $5 bucks to play 18 holes (and the folks who live on the property do check)

Decent course which has it’s fair share of hazards. The hilly terrain makes it tough for those who are not as fit as desired. Holes to watch out for are the 11th: Avoid the right at all costs. The 14th is like a vertical rise and it’s a long roll back if you fall short. The 15th on the right is a graveyard for golf balls. The emu farm is a nice sight on the left on the same hole. Overshoot the first and you’ll end up on a heavily used road.

Plays well all year round but the thistles and flies are horrible during summer and early autumn. The grens are like glass.

Challenging but a decent course.

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