Binnu Golf Club
9 Holes
PAR 72
5535 M
2 Reviews
The Binnu Golf Course is a 9 hole course consisting of various obstacles such as flowing creeks, beautiful trees and is a tranquil environment and i would highly recommend this golf course although it is a smaller course.
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Binnu is situated 85km norh of Geraldton on the North West Coastal Highway. The golf course is located 1km past Binnu and is not hard to miss (there is a tall sign that says Binnu Golf Club)

It is a 9 hole course with 2 tees for each hole.

It is a good course, fairly flat but has it challenges. Fairway trees and dry riverbeds are obsticles.

This course is best played in winter when the scenery is green.

I Recommend this course not be played over summer due to the heat (Binnu is inland) and as well, the club takes out the cups so players have no idea where thehole was.

The greens are sand, kept in top condition all year and is FAST…

There are doublegees on the course but you will not be spending 15 minutes scraping your boots and wheels, it is more like about 4 minutes.

I enjoy playing this course when it is during the club season, it’s so quiet.

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