Yarra Valley & Dandenongs
Emerald Golf & Country Resort
18 Holes
PAR 70
5158 M


Nested in the heart of the magnificent Dandenong Ranges, The Emerald Golf & Country Resort can quite rightly lay claim to being one of the most picturesque and aesthetically pleasing golf courses in Victoria.

Its fairways meander through the secluded forest setting offering an abundance of wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

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This is a great getaway course. Hilly in some areas with a few sand traps to catch us out. But I love being surrounded by nature, in a quiet setting and no crowds, clean air and some nice views. Being out in the country I think it is to be expected that the grounds will be a little rougher in some areas but it does not detract from enjoying golf and keeping fit. Recommended you try it..

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Truly a hidden golfing gem. Have played there several times in the past year, and even though it's a bit of a drive I've never been disappointed. Yeah, the condition in parts is a little poor. Yeah, if you don't hit straight you can go through a pack of balls really quickly. But for a challenge and some interesting holes it's great. Love the picturesque 2nd, and the two par 3s 10? and 18 that cross the creek as well as the downhill hole back to clubhouse. If I had a spare several million I would love to do this place up like it deserves, it would be truly awesome. A little bit expensive perhaps, but I don't think you'd regret the drive and an interesting round. It is a little hilly, but I don't think it's as difficult as some make out, perhaps because it's a little short - I generally shoot a little better than average here.
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Just played the coarse yesterday read the reviews before I played ,I must say this coarse is harsely criticised for a course to have one green keeper and a volunteer squad it was in good nick , that's after 3 days good rain in the week prior.admitly the tee boxes needed a mow and the greens a touch furry and slow but playing in the ranges you expect different conditions than the coastal courses.If I was a closer I would play it more often a fun course but fair when not flushing it on the day
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guys just an update espescially for those in criticism mode ,firstly i play to a handicap of 11 at this course and can shoot under 80 quite often which i dont think is too bad for a bloke pushing 57 .we have a member who is nearly 92 and he manages to walk the course and play to a handicap under 30 . So to those who are saying its to hilly to hard/difficult to play etc i just wonder about your comments .to those who say its lacking in maintenance i dont disagree ,the members have stepped in and are doing working bees to improve the course,however,this is a privately owned course,i would ask that you email your comments directly to management on the resorts web site ,posting on here in my opinion really doesnt spurr the owners into action.
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I have to agree with the two comments below. I really wanted to like this course as it's in a beautiful location and has lots going for it. Unfortunately it just isn't maintained to a standard worth returning to play again. Following the member's comment - I appreciate the costs associated with running a course and how in quiet periods it's difficult to make investing in green maintenance for example seem worthwhile, but it feels like this course is on a slow decline to obscurity, which is a shame as nearby Olinda has already gone that way.
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This course was set up by royal Melbourne members back in the late 1920's and it almost seemed like it had not seem any care since the 1920s. I have walked on some more playable paddocks. Since the greens keeper is unwell it does explain the terrible state of this course. To the member who posted in June, to be fair I do not think anybody expects this course to be like Yarra Yarra but people expect to play on something that resembles a golf course. I would not recommend this course to anyone even at discounted prices. Either free or a gold coin donation to play this course in its current condition.
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