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We have a golf trip for 16-20 of us every year. We travel anywhere in Australia or NZ. This year we chose the Melbourne Sand Belt for obvious reasons. I booked everything and selected the courses for our 4 days of golf. The 4th day of our trip is the final of our tournament, and with so many world-class golf courses to choose from, I thought that I'd chosen the right one when I booked Woodlands. On the day we were greeted and welcomed by the director of golf and he pointed out where the driving range was, the bar, where to get food and generally wished us all the best. The practice green was fantastic and running at about 11 or 12 on the stimp. We were pumped. On playing the 1st hole, we got to the green to see that the greens had been heavily sanded. We were mystified and thought it might be just a 1-off. But on getting to the 2nd green, we saw that it again was heavily sanded and also, it looked like they were really struggling with the greens. I think that the sand had been used to even up the surface as there was bare dirt underneath. The greens speed was about a 7-8 on the stimp. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement. To rub salt into the wounds, they even had a temp green on one par 5. It was just a 10m circle on the fairway with a flag in it. We didn't realise that until we had overshot the green with our approaches. I had it confirmed to me from someone else at Woodlands that the greens had got into trouble after the recent Australian Amateur champs. The director of golf had a wonderful opportunity to let us know but chose not to tell us. They also took our $150 each for the round. They could have called me a week or 2 before our round to tell us and we could have chosen another course for our final. We could have thrown a rock and hit another world-class course nearby, but we weren't given that opportunity. I wouldn't book anything there if it's important. You might come away just as disappointed as all of us.
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Played here yesterday for the first time. It is a great example of Melbourne sandbelt golf. Fantastic fairways, like carpet & amazing green shapes & bunkering. It is a very aesthetically pleasing course to play & a great challenge. Good golf is well rewarded & there is plenty of danger lurking to swallow you up, like any good course. Terrific!
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Played here on a corporate day. Found the course technically very challenging. Tight fairways combined with very small greens + unforgiving rough, this course wouldn't be suitable to high handicapper. Fairways were in magnificent condition and a delight to hit off. Whilst not an overly long course, it would make you think whether driver required. Very flat course in general with the tee position nothing to rave about. Thought the rough was too punishing. Too often your ball would run + run. Got punished too often on an OK struck ball to find myself almost in wrist breaking positions or lost balls. Greens were the smallest I've seen. Very quick + mostly elevated + protected really well by bunkering. Definitely makes you think on your approach shot. I found myself putting around the greens than chipping. Bunkers were inconsistent. Some full of sand and others rock hard. Would I pay to play here? Probably not.
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What a fantastic layout, great golf challenge and some technical holes that have to be well thought out. The greens and fairways may not have been as pristine as Metropolitan say but it was overall very close. The greens rolled very true but you could also get the ball to stop if coming in with short(accurate) irons. If i lived this part of the world i would definitely recommend and attempt to join. Fantastic golf environment if only a tad noisy with traffic and planes. 6th hole is just an awesome scenic hole as well as terrific golf hole!
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Played a few times over last two years and no doubt has one the most unique layouts. Most of the course in nice condition and very challenging layout, one which requires excellent short game and feel free to putt from along way off the green, as the members all do. The bunker condition really poor; I wonder if that is due the financial position. Whilst it might seem harsh; if setting up a course with small, raised greens then you simply must have bunkers of the heighest quality. Top 20 course no, top 40 yes, if in better condition and no air traffic probably top 30.
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Woodlands will present you with a fair test of golf. Best you make use of the generous practice green complex before you set out on your round since reaching the famously small greens in regulation is only half the battle. You can rely on pure roll here: show courage in your lines & you will quickly establish that speed is the key. While the general layout is challenging & strategic bunkering a highlight, it's certainly not awe-inspiring like the more celebrated sandbelt relatives. Off-course facilities are all class. The new clubhouse reflects money well spent. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a perfectly understated framing for the beautiful outlook to the course.
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