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PAR 27


Transformed from an old vegetable garden into a 9-hole par-3 golf course with santa ana fairways and bent grass greens with water along every hole.

It's a course for all ages; from an experienced golfer improving their short game to to a golfer who is just beginning their career.

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This course is an absolute gem but I feel the owners are making a mistake in it's development. They've bought the paddock next door to expand the course. This was exciting news to me and I then mentioned I was looking forward to 18 holes of their awesome par 3 only to be told it is still going to be 9 holes, but have a couple of longer holes, even some short par fours. I think this ruins the edge they had here - people don't want to bring all their clubs (for that they would go to Leongatha), but also in making the trip there you want to play 18 holes. Oh well I wish them luck but I think they lose their point of difference by going away from the par 3 concept.
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After reading ttitheridge's comments about this little 9 holer, I made a mental note to try it out next time I was down that way and that happened today.

Melaleuca Links is a 9 hole par 3 course with most holes around 60-70m except for the 8th which is maybe 100m. Strangely the card says in most cases the holes are longer than I think they are.

Sounds pretty ordinary so far doesn't it?

Not so fast! First to introduce the general scene. It's a property perhaps 200m by 200m with a couple of ponds big enough to float a boat, and there is in fact a boat in the bigger pond. The lake is shaped a bit like a jigsaw puzzle piece and you play largely around the outside of it. Small but pleasing undulations abound. Several of the holes are isolated by thick stands of Melaleuca and you can't even see the rest of the course from holes 1 or 6. The overall effect is like a well kept public park.

We step onto the first tee. An innocent little 70m hole except for the pond at the front and left side of the green. The greens being perhaps 10m in diameter meaning that the water is perhaps 10m from the pin.

The second has water behind the green, again about 10m from the pin. Ditto on the third, except it is maybe only 7m from the pin. The fourth plays over the water, as does the fifth.

Six through nine are away from the lake, but each is in a nice setting.

Ok, so it's a pleasant place where we get to play a bunch of half wedge shots to greens just big enough to be reasonable for the length of the shot.

Wait. It get's better... The turf is in unbelievably good condition. It's in the same class as the Melbourne sand belt. The greens are quick and true, but with that weird country grain that I can never read.

Apart from the course, there's even a nice undulating practice putting green. Boy, do I wish I had this course in my back yard! If you're ever down Inverloch way, drop in and pay your $9 for 9 holes.

The owners built it five years ago. They are so proud of it and I really hope it is a money maker for them. It's a gem.

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