St Andrews Beach
18 Holes
PAR 72
6090 M
48 Reviews
Played this course expecting a lot because of ratings & comments that I had read & then became disappointed, because it didn't live up to all the hype. Sure it's fairly long & hard, but I've played many better. I get the comments from Redmondherring back in Feb. There seems to be a lot missing that would help this course be a lot better in terms of facilities & information. I saw a ratings list on the pro shop wall that said it was no 10 in Australia. I keep a personal list & I rate it no 41 out of 237 that I have played. It was a good experience, but I probably wouldn't play it again.
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RedmondHerring, you are probably best served taking your "$100 per game" elsewhere.  I played this course in April 2017.  The course is one of the best value for money courses in the country (let alone on the peninsula) - the standard of the playing surfaces and the course design is impeccable.  If you need a drink after nine holes, there is a path with directions to guide you back to the club house to restock and get back out on the course.  As for the distances on course, look at the scorecard, or use a GPS or Rangefinder.  As for the cart paths, who cares - clearly they are happy for you to drive THEIR carts on their paths at that standard (they are not even bad).  Looking at the other reviews on this site for St Andrew's Beach, yours stuck out like a sore thumb, surely that many people can't be wrong??  This course is outstanding, pictures above don't do this place justice.
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Played Feb 2017. All were intermediate golfers but definitely found very challenging. Here is the feedback from us;

* at $100 per game, one expects tee boxes to show distances, **** , even a little map. If local public courses cam manage it, I think this place should too. It really helps.

* For $100 a game, some of the condition of the buggy paths was not up to scratch and clearly unsafe. Piling up loose sand at the bottom of huge 50 degree declines, rather than bitumen or even gravel is asking for trouble.

* More obvious and consistent distance markers rather than the buried sprinkler heads. With some many blind shots, this got highly annoying

* Pro Shop and course staff seemed very standoff-ish - and no point were we made to feel welcome.

* We all share a pet hate for courses that don't return to the clubhouse after 9. Those negatives aside, the grass was in ripping nick all over, can't fault that. And certainly not a boring layout.However we all left agreeing this place had been over hyped and not something we felt worth $100.

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Played here for the first time 3 weeks ago and thought it was a fantastic course. Great conditioning and some stunning golf holes. Really, really enjoyable course to play. Can't wait to play it again. 
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Wow! What a great course. The approach to the 3rd green is majestic. Doak and Clayton displayed absolute genius when designing this place. The pick of the publicly accessible courses on the Peninsula and in Victoria. 
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Played SAB late Feb 2015. In my opinion this is the pick of the Mornington Peninsular courses (and there are certainly some great courses down there). It is just a really intelligently laid out course with exceptional bunkering, exceptional fairways and it seemed to me somewhat underutilised. The greens are small and on the day we played a bit slow (possibly even two paced) but breaks were true and they were definetly not rough. Talking with my playing mates after the round we each had different favourite holes which is evidence of the fact that rather than a "signature" hole it is just a quality designed 18. One of the highlights for me however is the views you get from the elevated tees which certainly highlights a great playground.
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