Skye Golf

9 Holes
PAR 34
2035 M
14 Reviews
I'm currently making the transition from pitch and putt to golf. I had played a few courses before but as someone who is first looking to get a bit better and get more confident with the drivers and lower irons; I found this one to be perfect. The par fours are short (285 max I think) but each one provides a certain challenge such as a lake hazard, playing blindly over trees or perhaps a crazy dog leg. Haven't tried the driving range but I will as it's the closet one to where I live. I will definitely be a regular at Skye.
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I recently started using the driving range. I am very impressed. Great for beginners to Pros. They are well maintained. Friendly staff. I highly recommend the driving range. There is also a place to practice putts and chipping. I haven't used the course though.
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Played there over the weekend, not only was I disappointed with the state of the course, I was left with a nice big dent in my front quarter panel due to having poorly protected carpark from the driving range (only 1/3 had fencing) There were beer cans everywhere, overfilled bins and cans in the middle of the course, even on greens. It was extremely boggy, muddy, smelly and noisy from the drunk people that seem to go have a game of "s**t f**k" as they would call it.
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played there on the weekend 20-8-11 what an improvement this course has had in the few years ive been playing there. the grass is good, it was a it boggy, but it has been raining a fair bit. the greens have massively improved and are consistent. good beginners course.
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I have long been a fan of the driving range at Skye public golf course, whilst the course itself has always been a bit hit and miss the driving range has always remained the same, well hallelujah the miss is gone and the hit is back! the last 6 months have seen a great transformation,with 3 Tees pushed back, the stupidly long rough cut to a reasonable level, the greens are receptive and the patrons are treating it with a bit of respect, do yourself a favour if you are looking for a quick relaxing nine have a look at Skye it is not Royal Melbourne but then it was never meant to be.
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This is a decent course for those who are truly beginning at golf. Given the location of the course, there is always a risk of bogany elements, but that isn't really any fault of the course or the management there. That said, if you are going to start your golfing (and really start) then you are best to get a lesson with Dan there, or if you're young he runs a clinic on Sunday Mornings for kids starting up. The 9 hole course is really there for the people who have had a few lessons from Dan and have a few hits on the range and want to try a game of golf. I went to Dan's Junior clinics about 15 years ago now (!), and I still go back for the odd touch up lesson now and then (I play off 2)
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