Mount Martha Public Golf Course
18 Holes
PAR 65
5087 M

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Played here today for the first time. The details above have obviously changed, as it is a par 70 of 5114 meters. Good fairways for a public course & greens aren't bad but they slope a huge amount & are faster than they look. A lot of the fairways have side slopes, so you need to pay attention to that on the tees. Most holes get easy if you can place your drives ok & there are only 2 long par 4's. Not a bad track but not Championship material.
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I've been playing there since the only bunker on the course was a practice bunker between the clubhouse and the 14th green (I think). $9 concession for 9 holes, and if you wanted to play on, you'd hand in your ticket and get the next nine for $4.50! The longer par 4s and the par 3s are the only real holes, the par 5s are actually long par 4s of just over 400m. There are five par 4s of less than 300m that better golfers have to use a 3 wood or less off the tee - laying up on the tee shot? Over the years they've tried to make the course more "classy", which has only succeeded in it losing its quaintness. As a very, very short course - not even 5000m off the visitors tees - most of the challenge comes in the form of sideways-sloping fairways and difficult greens, with severe penalties in the rough (make that jungle) - gum nuts, leaves, twigs, roots, with either bare lies or really long grass. The addition of bunkers might even have made it easier, as some of the dome-like raised greens were surrounded by thick kikuyu on the steeply sloped banks, trickier to play out of. The cost of beautification is reflected in the price rises, but it's still the cheapest on the Peninsula, apart from Cerberus. The glaring fault of this course is the absolutely terrible drainage, particularly the 10th. This is a result of clay soils on a basalt bedrock, and the lower parts of the course suffer the most. In places it is terrible, even after light rains, it takes so long to run off and dry out. The official promo says lush, irrigated fairways blah blah (read: soggy mush) and some greens can be ridiculously slow, about a 5 or 6 on the Stimp meter I reckon. I highly recommend this course for seniors, the disabled or infirm, and those new to the sport; the short par 4s are great for building confidence if you're not long off the tee (me). Being short in meterage it's also quick and easy to get around in.
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Played there over Easter weekend. Overly sloped fairways - you can crack a straight shot off the tee and have the ball roll onto an adjoining fairway on almost every Par 4 / Par 5. Nice looking course, particularly given the location and the fact that there is little rain there at the moment. Some of the fairways were very dry, however the greens were in good condition. Good course for a relaxing game - but not much of a challenge.
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played mt martha public course for the first time on aust day 2010.. i found it a fantastic course in great nick considering te lack of rain fall in december and january small bunkers that line the fair ways around the landing zone make it important to stay on track the ruff was typical gum tree lined ruff of sticks and dirt. the fairways were nice and green and the rolling layout made your lie interesting if if you hit up the middle good variation in hole lengths made club selection interesting all and all i would gladly play there over and over...and priced well for a was quiet for a public holiday which was nice too greens were dewy and slow in the early 'am' but dried and quickend up buy late 'am' early 'pm'
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i totally agree with SOAR09, has to be the most improved course on the mornington peninsula in the past year. used to be an absolute dustbowl.still very cheap aswel- i think around 20$ for 18 holes what a bargain. certainly worth a go if your sort on time too as its a very short course.
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As a Mornington Peninsula Golfer i would rate Mt Martha the most improved Course in the District. The switch to Conquest ( couch) on the fairways has dramatically bettered the Course for Summer time Golf.Abundant grey water has Mt Martha G.C in an enviable position for course conditioning. Course rewards some sensible Tee shots where driver is not always the answer. Greens howver remain my bugbear . They don't warrant a great deal of discussion. They are smallish,slow and generally spongey .An overhaul would be lovely - but unlikely for too many reasons. That said, older impressions of Mt Martha are due for an update. Commendations to the Curator for making small but valuable redesigns to an early seventies GC.
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