Cups Golf Course
9 Holes
PAR 33
2316 M


The Cups Course is a short nine-hole layout situated at The Dunes Golf Links on the Mornington Peninsula.

The Dunes is among the very best public golf courses in Australia and its Cups Course offers a friendlier introduction to the game for beginners or just a quicker round of golf for seasoned players.

A highlight of the Cups Course is its downhill par-three 6th hole which plays only 74 metres from the back tee and might be the shortest golf hole in the nation.

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As the little sister course to the Dunes main course i love it. Its got the same feel as the main but alot more forgiving.the cups is kept up to the same standard but the rough is cut alot shorter, the bunkers more shallow and the holes shorter. this 9 hole course has a nice set of par 3's, the 6th really challenging club selection especially if wind becomes a factor, a magnificent set of par 4's including a dogleg, a short par 4 and an exciting par 4 to end your round sums this course up. the only thing in my opinion that lets this course down is the par 4 5th hole. its a short par four at around 270-320m.i find if you go for the green in one you will never be rewarded, even if you hit the perfect shot, but if you do choose to 'lay up' there is nowhere to do so as there is a massive valley in between tee and green. other than this a great course that is cheap, relaxed and good for a quick round.
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What a magnificent 9 hole course!

This is the little sister to The Dunes 18 hole course, and I found that while The Dunes can be very busy, this course is relatively quiet and relaxed.

The tees usually offer a good view over what's ahead and it's really pleasing to the eye. There's a couple of particularly magnificent holes here; No 6 is a half-pitch shot from a massively elevated tee - it's a long way down. No 7 is an outrageously narrow tee which looks like a grass path through bushes which suddenly opens out onto a superhighway fairway (don't hook it left...lost my fave Calloway ball in the paddock there).

There's only two things that rubbed the wrong way at this course...

1) The 2nd tee has you looking at the 9th stand around confused while you work out where you should be the course layout is so open, there's not a lot of guidance here (tip: go up and to the left of the hill...not straight).

2) Flies...and lots of them!

Wind is also a big issue here...but that's something that can be catered for...except the 3rd hole is nasty - an ego boosting long drive from the tee will find you in the middle of the fairway down in a sheltered valley with 8 iron to the green. It's quite a sight to see your shot go straight for the green and suddenly veer way off to the right as the wind takes it.

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A good little practise course. Can be windy & worth a visit, if only once.

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This course is based on the first seven holes of the original Dunes layout. It has earned the reputation of being a more forgiving layout than it's big brother and the absence of really long holes could easily give that impression. My favourite holes are the first and the ninth. The first is an excellent short par 3 with a wide but shallow green and a bunker right in the middle at the front. It can play anything from a wedge to a 7 iron and it really sets the scene for what follows. The ninth is a medium length par 4 which plays from the high point of the course back down to the old clubhouse. With a scenic mid to short iron second shot to a beautifully set green, this hole always makes me want to go back to the first to go around again.

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