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Ranfurlie is a private member’s only course, opened in April 2002. Links style Championship course with firm bent grass greens that are heavily bunkered, and couched fairways. Designed by Mike Clayton, Ranfurlie hosts the first stage of the Australasian PGA Tour Qualifying School (December 2002/03) and the Division 1 Pennant final (June 2003).

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I played here today for the first time. I went in with great expectations, due to it's official ranking in the Australian Golf Digest at no 78. While I still rate it highly, I think that the current condition wouldn't see it that high. The fairways were in great condition but wider than I expected. There are plenty of strategic bunkers, which make the course interesting but many were without good sand & unfortunately, the greens had just been cored, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. It's a good test, being a long course at 6105 meters & ACR of 73
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Played at Ranfurlie on Friday the 2nd of October 2015 in an open competition day that the course was running. This is the second time that I have played the course and I think the course has grown into itself over time. Also, the pro shop and bar area is really good with both indoor and outdoor area's to have a drink after the game. Unfortunately, that is about the only positives that I can think of for the course. The course itself is very much up and back with most holes dead straight with little interest off the tee. Fairway bunkers are mostly token efforts to catch some pretty bad tee shots and don't really add to any shot making off the tee. The course has a sameness to every hole and it is difficult for me to find any standout holes. The condition of the course when we played was appalling. I believe that the greens had been cored three weeks earlier, but these were without a doubt the worst greens that I have ever putted on anywhere. (Including sand scrapes) The greens were bumpy and grass coverage patchy, and made any putt over an inch a risky venture. The fairways were also poorly grassed and hitting a fairway was not any guarantee of a good lie. I believe that we are currently between growing seasons, but the condition that the course was presented was really bad. I will steer clear of Ranfurlie as Settlers Run just up the road is a far better option. Even the old Amstel course down the road was in far better condition when I played it the week before.
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Good course. Fairways in superb condition and course provides nice variety with varying length holes across par 3, 4 and 5s. Wide fairways but generally tougher 2nd shots. Good pro shop and facilities. I suspect it gets pretty blowy in the wind as there is no protection. But there are some great views ... the blind 10th down the hill was a cool hole but there were plenty of others. A couple of short par 4s also demanded some thought. Greens do undulate and my criticism is that some flags were placed in positions that made less than 3 putts difficult. (90% of the green above the hole and decent slopes - wasn't just me either. Applied to my entire laying group). But condition and speed were good.
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I played this course last week and was extremely impressed with the course. I played this course with my brother, who plays off 12, and a member who plays off 4 so there was a good representation of good golfers and hackers like myself. The fairways were magnificent and in my opinion, were as good as Kingston Heath which I played last year. The greens were in excellent condition and whilst some were tricky, it was a good test for all levels of players with different ability. I was fortunate that I only went into 1 bunker and that was very playable compared to some that I have played which have been like rock. The holes are reasonably challenging and are of good length so that it does not dishearten the average golfer like myself who are not long hitters. The fairways are wide and if you can stay on them then you should have a good round. The placement of the bunkers are also good as they make you think about your shot but are not too cruel like some courses. Some have said having more trees would make it interesting but I don't see why they would as the rough does penalise you if you go into it. Would having trees at St. Andrews make it any better? I think not. I think this is a great course and well worth playing. It would be tougher on a windy day but all courses are harder when the wind blows.
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Played Ranfurlie for the 2nd time (the last was at least 4 years ago) on Friday 23rd Nov and I have to say the low ranking is well deserved. DAVENIC, not sure if you played the same course but the condition of the greens was way below average and they have clearly lost the 9th to some desease! And the greenside bunkers had little to no sand in them. Every course in Melbourne is in tip top condition due to perfect growing conditions and there is no excuse. As for the design, well boring comes to mind, it's a straight up and down sort of course with very little interest to be had, the par 3's were OK butthat's as far as I would go. The other dispointing thing is golf mats on the driving range, this told me straight away that this course is not serious and is obviously going down hill. Yes the club house was nice and staff were freindly but I come to play golf and that doesn't hide the fact that this course is seriously overrated (except on this website).
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Geez a tough crowd on here. We played on Sunday morning after and in heavy rain for the first hole and halfway around. Of our social group of 12 two players scored extremely well, I unfortunately didn't fare so well, but all players enjoyed the round. Challenging holes that rewarded good golf and punished poor shots. I lost plently of balls but that's not the fault of the course! I am amazed at the ratings people have given this track. The clubhouse was well stocked - we had hot meals from the bar including bacon and eggs sandwiches, chicken schnitzel focaccias - the menu was very good. The staff were super friendly and we were made to feel very welcome. The drinks prices were very reasonable and certainly cheaper than other clubs we have visited - this includes beer and mixed drinks. The course was playable and in very good condition despite the heavy rain. Bunkers were compacted but the sand was good quality. The greens were OK with the 18th and the 9th the worst although I was told by the pro that they have recently made those greens smaller to make those holes a bit more difficult. The rough is thick but you've got to be kidding if you think it's any way unfair. It's no different to the rough at St Andrews Beach. The fairways are generous and for the most part very good. The par 3's all varied in length from 128m to 184m. Some reviews have been critical of the par 4's but I found the undualtions of the course mixed the holes up nicely and the par 5's were all tough but fair. We had little wind but I could see the course becoming difficult one it picked up. And there were many trees. I can't understand how a 'lack of trees' can detract from a course. Again, StAB has few 'trees' either. All in all, for $55, we had an extremely enjoyable morning. I would recommend Ranfurlie to anyone and say to those who are thinking about having a round to give it a chance. I certainly think it up against some stiff competition on the Peninsula and Sandbelt tracks. Maybe if this track was down near Portland it would get better reviews? Either way, I will certainly be going back.
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