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PAR 64
4152 M
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Played here 27th August 2014, the second time I have ever played a round of golf. The first thing I noticed was that there was a great relaxed atmosphere about the course and everyone there. The ladies in the 'pro shop' (it's only really a pro shop by the most liberal of definitions) were friendly and extremely helpful. Further evidence of how relaxed the course is came as I was about to tee off. The greenskeeper's shed is located directly alongside the first hole fairway. On the day I was there, there were 3 or 4 mowers and buggies parked right next to the fairway and the greenskeeper was there tinkering away. Worried I might hit him, I jogged down and asked if it was ok to hit. "Yeah, go right ahead mate, you won't hit me". And I didn't. In fact, I barely hit the ball... There was very little crowd at the time I played. I let one man through, and he spend a few minutes with me offering some pointers on the game and some books I should check out. I also let two other guys through (Tim and Eddie) who were also great, explaining about some course rules, and complimenting me on my swing. Always nice to hear some words of encouragement! The course is in great condition. The greens were super fast and the fairways short and green. For many years I have ridden past this course on the train and I have seen it at it's worst. Right now it's not quite at it's best, but very good. However, the 'signature' 5th hole par 3 was oddly overgrown compared to the rest of the course, with the fairway playing more like thick rough. It must be due for a trim soon. Course layout was pleasing to me. The fairways are not the widest (space is an issue at Westgate), but the approach shots to the holes were tricky, owing to well-placed bunkers and the speed of the greens themselves. There is also Stony Creek to contend with, which is in play on holes 2, 3, 4, 8, and possibly 6 if you are VERY wayward off the tee. I lost 2 balls into the creek, both on the 4th. My favourite holes were the 2nd, 4th, and especially 7th. My best holes were the par 3 9th and par 5 4th, double bogeys on both. The price was also right. $15 for 9 holes, and I was told I could go around again if I wanted. $5 buggy hire. They were also selling retrieved balls for $1 each, so I bought a bunch. In terms of other facilities, there wasn't much. A practice net which I would consider more of a warmup area, and no putting green. All in all, I enjoyed my time at Westgate and will definitely be back. It seems like a great course to refine my game due to a layout that isn't too challenging but not too easy, and the people who work and play there were all very patient and helpful. Great value, great people, great condition. If you are after the 'country club' experience, you wont find it here. If you want a cheap, challenging game of golf, please give it a try.
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Well, what a course. As previous reviews state, check your ego at the gate and just have a laugh. 7th and 9th greens are the best but really, you don't come here For the golfing experience. Unless you like teeing off next to a brothel,under a bridge or next to a train,.... Don't play here. Well maybe if your game is going that bad the brothel next to the 4th won't be a bad option.
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The 'check in your pretences at the gate' and 'far better than being at the driving range' reviewers got it bang on. This course isn't, nor claims to be, nor priced at, a championship layout. But for honing your short game, hitting a bunch of different shots, introducing a beginner or simply killing a couple of hours after work this course offers real value. The par 3s are great - and who ever plays a hole like the 5th? The 4s lack a bit of teeth but this course isn't trying to overpower the clientèle. You'll be forced to shape the ball both ways, play for placement instead of length of some tees and generally get more out of your game. Greens aren't great and I didn't visit the bunkers but no hesitation in suggesting this grungey, very accessible track as an option for those who have an open mind to it
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A.K.A "Royal Spotswood". This course has improved out of site, better value than a driving range. Famous for its round a corner par 3. Cheap beers and super hot (nuclear) pies. People will actually talk to you here even if it is to bum a smoke bloke. Leave your pretension in the boot and you will have a ball.
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I dont know what it is about this place but for some reason I keep coming back. A very quirky layout and a location that kind of reminds me of the castle. If you check you pretentious golfing ego at the gate you will really enjoy this place. No chinos or pressed designer shirts required here, just shorts and a t-shirt and a willingness to just have a bash. First hole is a very short short par three where you actually tee off towards the Westgate bridge. Second is short par 4 that requires a 3 or 5 wood off the tee due to the creek running across the fairway. The third hole is probably the only really straight forward hole at the place. Just a standard par4, dead straight with bunkers placed in strategic locations. The 4th is a par 5 which brings out the hero factor! Its a short one where the green can be reached in 2 if you hit a stunning drive with a slight draw. Anything less and you'll be on the wrong fairway. This hole also shares a massive green with another hole. Now for the fith hole...What can I say...The most bizarre par 3 you will ever see. Its a short one at only 140 odd metres with a totally blind tee shot. Yep thats right a tight dog leg on a short par three where you hit towards a green you cant even see. I think to get on this green in one shot you actually have to hit over someones back yard. Quirky to say the least. The 6th hole is another hero hole and one of my favourites. About a 240m par 3 with a really tight approach to the green. Just pull out the driver, grip and rip!!! The seventh hole is another short par 3. The green slopes very heavily from left to right making for a difficult putt. If the pin is on the left this is a very tough hole as the green is guarded by a bunker on the front left and the landing area on the green is quite small. The 8th hole will have you shouting , "How's the serenity" as the 9:15 werribee train goes past. The trainline runs within about 10m of the fairway of this par 4. The final hole has the most unusual tee box position on any golf course in Melbourne. The 9th tee is directly under the west bound lanes of the Westgate bridge. I normally wouldnt give a course of this condition such a high rating but it really is an experience you cannot get anywhere else. If you dont expect the world this course will be a very unique Melbourne golfing experience that is damn good value for money.
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Funny little course, I think of the holes as being divided into three groups of three. Holes 1,2,3 are straightforward and I'm sure represent birdie opportunites for a good player. Then you enter the twilight zone. Holes 4,5,6 are bizarre and your score will begin to climb. The fourth begins with a long curving tee shot towards the creek, on the other side of that creek is a massive bunker which seems to take up half the fairway. When you see it you think, "That's just not fair." Beyond that is a huge double green (shared with the 6th)if you par that I say well played. The 5th is truly weird, a short Par 3, there is apparently a prize for anyone who can hit a hole-in-one in competition and I doubt it's ever gone off. A blind tee shot with a sharp dogleg to a hole completely hidden by trees. The hole sits in a valley that seems to belong to a separate piece of land. The green is itself tiny, sloping and sharply elevated. With the par 4 6th a good tee shot is essential, it is a curving, extremely narrow fairway towards quite a high green. Once you're clear of the trees it should be an easy hole to finish. After that you leave the twilight zone and the remaining three holes are again straight forward. In a word, "quirky" I love it, it will never win an award for beauty but it has character.
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