Melbourne West
Melton Valley Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 71
5786 M

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Good puplic course in western area as well as reasonable gree fees
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Really enjoyed playing here, I think the back 9 are better than the front, more picturesque, perhaps also more challenging. Never had any reason to say nice things about Melton, but I'd definately play this course again, even if only for the $10.50 Parma!!
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Played here again on the weekend. Best to give it a miss for a few months. Appears that the greens have been cored recently. They are topped with sand and very, very hard. Making then greens nearly impossible to play on. Will be back, but not until they water the greens!
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Played last sunday with social golf club, shot gun start appreciated. Always a pleasure to play this fine course. Its a credit too the designers and those that moved the dirt. Nothing repetitive, local redgum and other large feature trees create most of the corners on the par 4's. Par 5's collectivly not long are some of the better holes some use water well others turn twice. Par 3's range circa 100-120 too 180-200 meters. Importantly for most golfers the course is situated on the very flat volcanic flows of western victoria. You would only realise that you have gone up or down a meter of two in your entire round at completion. The green areas have been landscapped well. Alot have a small grass valley/decline before them, that favour flying the ball, if, you have placed your first shot correctly; mostly this a two good shots per hole course. The undualtions around the greens trump the bunkering. The condition of the course was more than resonable considering melbs current desal 'weather patterns' curse. The offerings in the club house after a round, also trump most. $10.50 parma salad chips etc. The course use's its total area well . The course is public and a good one.
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Played here yesterday using the iseekgolf booking system and in terms of value this course is a winner. Went through the front nine which was pretty straight-forward, a few dog legs here and there made it interesting with the par 3 9th a nice little hole to finish the day on. Fairways were in pretty good nick, as were the greens - consistent comes to mind also.
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Well worth the drive. Fairways are in pretty good nick at the moment and the greens really make you work. Plus with the online booking discount, the value for money is brilliant.
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