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Played mid summer and we found the course to be very dry and plenty of run on the fairways.  We became frustrated with so many blind holes and constantly running off the fairways - a problem with our course experience rather than the course's fault.

The greens were very fast and quite true, bunkers we were well  maintained and the fairways dry but in good condition overall.  The rough can be a killer, plenty of pine needles, tree branches, general **** and we kept finding trees with roots growing above the soil so you would have broken your club to attempt a decent shot from there.

Brilliant to see the kangaroos bouncing around during the round and some beautiful wildlife.

Improved signage on holes for first timers and better distance markers would have improved our enjoyment of the course.  There was nothing overly wrong with the course, yet nobody in our group really enjoyed it despite playing some decent golf.
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Played 20th Sept with a couple of mates after good anecdotal reviews from other golfers. Given discount for "dormant fairways" when paying green fees at pro shop. Given $1.50 off full price so assumed it would barely be noticeable. I was wrong.... Practice green was like putting on a shag rug - bad start. a lot of the Tee Blocks were devoid of grass. Fairways were awful, almost no grass in huge areas. Felt like we were walking on dried mud. TONNES of GUR. Putted over patches of dirt in the middle of the green at least twice. Putts jumped all over the place, almost no smooth rolls. I suspect the greens had recently had something done to them to get ready to be cored, but I'm not sure. The layout is actually quite good, it's well bunkered in the right spots. If you cant hit a draw, you'll struggle. I think there was only 1 hole (maybe 2?) that moved left to right, everything else played right to left. If it was in good condition, it could be a really nice course. It was in very poor condition, and I wouldn't return without knowing it was in good condition. It seems this place is sopping wet in winter, so I might wait until the middle of summer before thinking about a return. If the greens, fairways and tee-blocks were fixed, it would be at least a 4 star review.
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Played this course today and the layout is fantastic and has some quite scenic holes. However the fairways were muddy and there were lots of sand on the greens. There were two par 3's which was a joy and challenge to play as water was in play. I think it was Hole 4 and 16. Will be back towards the end of spring to see if the course is better during drier times.
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We played at Gisborne recently for the first time in 2 years. The course was very wet after an obviously wet winter, making it difficult to find a decent lie on many holes. Despite the wet conditions the greens were in excellent condition. As for the staff I was impressed throughout. We were booked in to play among the members comp field, and the pro shop staff actually asked if we would like to play in the competition, as well as being very helpful with membership enquiries. Certainly better service now with the new professional than in the old days. We teed off at our correct time and the members around us were very friendly towards us. The clubhouse staff were also very welcoming, and while it's very wet now I look forward to playing the course again once the weather improves and the course is dry.
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Time for an objective view from a former member.Gisborne is among the most picturesque Victorian golf courses,with highlights the macedon ranges seen across the 4th green and dam behind,from the 13th fairway and over the lovely signature hole 16th.Additional attraction(or distraction)is provided by the large resident mobs of kangaroos,the birds flocking to the several dams and even the occasional koala. The course at not easy-as implied by the ACR 73 against par 72,but includes many really good golf holes; 5th,par 4:drive to rising fairway,bearing right and rising to green. 6th,par 5:fun hole,reachable in 2 for some and in 3 for most. 7th,par 4;narrow fairway at 220m.between nest of bunkers and creek RHS.8th,par4almost 90 degree dogleg left,downhill from corner. 10thpar 4;390m,turns left @180m,creek across @ 60m short of green. 11thpar5;522m oob left flank,gently rising to elevated domed green. 13thpar5;456m,sroke 17,turning left and sharply downhill @ 230m to severely contoured green,said to be the most difficult on the course. 15thpar 4;370m.another strong dogleg left @200m,down then up slope to green. 16th par 3;lovely signature hole,drive between/over 2 dams to green almost encircled by sand.Only 145m.but a gem. 17thpar 4;fairway bears right with narrow gap between trees right and fairway bunkers left. Overall the course has 4xpar3,144-187m,10xpar4 310-390m,and 4xpar5 456-522m,enough elevation change to be interesting,and strong,well-placed revetted bunkering;a round without a visit to the beach is unusual!Fairways are mostly generously wide,gereens very firm requiring a delicate touch.Gisborne's only deficiency is its susceptibility to wet weather-a consequence of its clay base.Play here from sept. to april and you will be delighted and possibly also frustrated as the bunkers and tricky greens conspire to overturn your best efforts to beat your handicap,but if you are successful you will have earned every point.
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Interested to read 'Davidlorry' review. Thought it was me! Pro Shop VERY curt, monosyllable answers and volunteered NO information about the course, tee location, competitions [So I'd keep out of Members' way]. Like pulling teeth. More interested in being rude about Cart hire, whilst being polite to members. Treated like an alien. I have a GolfLink card and am a low handicapper; I know the Rules. One young groundsman was quite pleasant and informative. Never going back.
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