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Situated approximately 10 kilometres south of Melton and 15 kilometres north of Werribee, the major focal point of Eynesbury Township is the magnificently restored 1870s Bluestone mansion which serves as the golf course's clubhouse for the stunning Graham Marsh designed layout.

The heritage-listed original sheep station homestead has been impeccably restored to its former glory and also plays host to the bistro, restaurant, spike bar and reception facilities. The low handicap player will be tested by the course's length from its championship tees.

Importantly, multiple tee boxes ensure that the novice player will be faced with a less daunting test. Generous, wide fairways and attractive, fair bunkering is a feature of the Eynesbury layout, which opened for play in May 2007.

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I played this last weekend having previously played it 12 months ago.

12 months ago it was very dry but well grassed.

The grass was a lot patchier Winter having set in.

The greens looked ordinary but ran very truly.

The bunkers however were universally poor.

Sand is clearly a cost issue.

Its an excellent & thought provoking layout however at  resort prices the bunkers need sand not barren dirt
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First time playing this course today, weather fantastic and not much wind.  The drive in is attractive, the clubhouse looks awesome and there is a lot of wildlife.  Its a pretty location.  I decided to walk this course as I prefer to walk rather than cart.  At the end of the round I had walked 11.2kms and the round took 5:02 hours.  I didnt hold anyone up .Playing off the white markers the course is challenging.  The fairways are quite wide and I didnt end up too many times in the rough.  Note,l the rough is inconsistent. That said, I ended up loosing a few balls in the miriad of creeks that cross the fairways (thanks 10th whole).    You need to know your ball carry distances.The bunkers are well positioned and seem to catch the 200- 220m hitters (from the white).  The sand is the heavy orange type and takes a bit more oomph to extract but is solid enough and can allow you hit long distances out of them.The greens should be better than what they are.  Not the greenkeepers fault, but there are lots of pitch marks that players dont seem to repair.  Distances are too long between holes and there is only about 2 places on the course where you can get water.  This course is not designed to be walked.  For this reason, I probably wont come back here that often which is a pity as its a very good course.
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Course is getting back to what it use to be the fairways have been brought in and greens are in good condition 
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Greens Good condition on most holes Several green had large number of pitch marks Fairways Great condition Consistent length Rough Inconsistent length Very thick in areas Insufficient first cut Bunkers Soft sand on most holes Very playable Service Would not honour 2 for 1 voucher in conjunction with afternoon green fee price - Well stocked Enjoyment Par 3 holes were a highlight Par 4 holes were a good mix with some being impossible to reach in 2 shots and others inticing you to attack the green Par 5 holes were a good test with decent length and bunkering Value At weekend after 12pm price ($45) the course is good value
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i play this course about 10 times a year mostly on hot and very windy days WALKING good fitness hitout always sruggled with the 4th but it's a great course easy booking times wide forgiving fairways large greens i played this course before it opened and the par 5 5th was deceivingly tough but now i normally par it and it's become my favorite hole in golf will be back soon
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Most of what I'll offer is as below. First of all, don't try walking this course - it is a killer with the length, the distance between greens to tees etc. Even in a cart, we were beaten after 5hrs in 35deg heat. My major frustration was the lack of distance markers and cards/signposts explaining where hazards are etc. The 10th is a perfect example of a hole you'll probably lose 1-2 balls on straight away if you haven't played before, and I also hit a perfect drive into a creek on the par-5 after that (around the 14th or so) The practice green is a bit of a giggle - it can fit one group in at the most. Fairly poor design for a public track, I would have thought. Other than that, greens are fairly well maintained apart from the amount of pitch marks, which is not the course's fault but way more than I've experienced elsewhere. If the wind gets up (it didn't the day we were there) this course would be an absolute brute. Wouldn't suggest that as a lot of fun to most people, let alone high handicappers. It's also a long way from the CBD, so there's better options closer to home. So all in all, I feel there's much better options - probably for the same cost - closer to the CBD and in fact around Melbourne.
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