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PAR 70
5762 M
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Played here yesterday, 19th September. I have been coming here a lot regularly, as they allow me to use the (excellent) putting green for free, and I have also been using the driving range. I have been wanting to play a round of the course, and finally was able to do so. The first thing I will mention is the greens had been cored 2 days prior, and as such they bore no real resemblance to golf greens. The club did, however, give me a discount rate of $15, down for the usual $19.50, which was nice. I won't factor greens condition into my overall rating, but if they are anything like the practice green, I'm sure they are quite good. Generally, the mood at Altona Lakes isn't as welcoming as, say, Westgate, with most of the staff seemingly unwilling to engage in conversation, and most of the clientele keeping to themselves. I'm not someone who likes a huge amount of interaction when I'm at the course, but some talk is better than none. The pro shop is small but well-stocked, and the prices seem more than reasonable. The course was not overly busy on the day I played. I played mid-afternoon, and I didn't hold anyone up too badly. When I tee'd off there was a group of three waiting behind me, but they waited for me to complete the hole before they tee'd off and that was the last I saw of them. Conditioning of the course seemed to be pretty good. Aside from the aforementioned greens, the track was cut short and was tidy. The fairway of the first hole was littered with some form of animal droppings, but - oddly, I guess - this was only an issue on the first hole. Tee boxes were variable, with some feeling like soft carpet, and others much harder. But none was ever unplayable. I played off the red markers, which I believe are the ladies markers, but hey, I'm a learner, so I'll please myself. The fairways were always cut shorter than the first cut of rough and were easily distinguishable. The layout is odd, but efficient. The course starts with a par 5, which I understand is unusual. I believe the layout was changed a few years ago, and the par 3 that used to start the course is now the 3rd hole. Two things about the course that struck me were its flatness, and the lack of bunkers. It is a very flat track, with most of the greens even lacking in elevation, although that par 5 4th has a wonderfully tricky elevation. Re the bunkers: the lack of them is very noticeable, but the course tries to compensate for this by surrounding many of the greens with 'mounds'. Interesting approach, but it didn't quite work for me. The rough could be an issue. While cut low, much of the rough features exposed volcanic rock. I only had one run-in with the rock, and came out unscathed. There is water in play on a few holes. The 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 9th all have a possibility of finding water. I managed to find it once (more below). The par for 9 holes is 36, and I got around in 68. This score included a lost ball, 2 drops, and 3-putts on almost every hole. My best holes were a double bogey on the par 3 3rd (3-putted), and a bogey on the 9th, also 3-putted. Without meaning to sound like an advertisement, I was playing Srixon Q-Stars, and when teeing off, I was just placing the ball on the tee randomly. On the last 2 holes, I decided to carefully place the ball with the arrows facing where I wanted the ball to go, and my tee drives went DEAD STRAIGHT. This drive accounts for my score on the 9th. Maybe I just hit one perfectly, or maybe the ball placement helped. as we say in Latin... 'post hoc, ergo, propter hoc' (after this, therefore, because of this). Speaking of the 9th hole, the driving range really is an issue. I rescued 12 range balls from the 9th fairway, and there were probably the same amount I ignored because they were out of the way. Speaking of balls, I lost 1, found 5. The one I lost was on the first hole. On my 3rd hit - after 2 terrible hits already - adrenaline pumping, I loaded up and hit the top of the ball, watched it sail into the air and plop into the water 3 metres away. I played with one ball the rest of the way. The scenery wasn't spectacular, but not as dingy as Westgate. The presence of the lakes means a variety of birdlife, including brown ducks, and waterhens. There are not a huge amount of trees on the course, and those that are are rarely in play. There is an area between the 6th and 8th that has recently been planted, maybe a treed are for the future. There is a school running alongside the 4th hole, and I'm glad no schoolkids were watching me tee off. The back end of the course features train line and refineries and the western side of the course is residential. I had a good time at Altona Lakes, but I suspect a more accomplished player would find the layout too easy. Good driving range, great practice green and chipping area, and a well-stocked pro shop make for a pretty good inner city course. The greens having just been cored was unfortunate, and detracted from my overall enjoyment, but this was not the club's fault. It's close to home, so I'll be back, but on a price/enjoyment ratio $25.50 with pull buggy at Altona Lakes vs $20 with pull buggy at Westgate, I'd probably prefer Westgate.
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Been using the Altona Lakes driving range a fair bit due to the close proximity of home, but decided to play a quick 9 holes. I'd say 5-6 holes were very dry with cricket pitch cracks showing. Greens were kept in pretty good condition considering the dryness of the fairways. Course plays very short with some driveable par 4's. I managed to birdie 2 holes and score 23pts equivalent from 9 holes and I play off 27. Wasn't expecting a Moonah Links or Cape Schank like course, but still fairly disappointing for the price. It's hard to want to cough up $20, when you have specials at Moonah for $65 incl cart.
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The first time I played here, I thought the cousre was a stinking hole and vowed never to go back again. Due to my last minute organising I was not able to get an early morning tee time at Werribee so opted for Altona Lakes instead. Shortly into my game I realised that I may have been a bit too harsh with my first review. Although this course is not in the prettiest location the course is in good nic. I dont remember seeing anything on the course that needed major attention. For a quick cheap nine holes it is great and the holes are all different enough to keep you interested. All in all not a world beater but good value and quite a quick course to get around, particularly early morning.
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Altona Lakes has quite an interesting layout for a 9 hole public course. No two holes are the same and although the course lacks bunkers it makes up for this with a significant number of water hazrds as the name suggests. The condition of the course is fair, with the fairways a little hard and in a few places bare rock poking through. The greens and tees were all in good condition. A real concern for this course however is the positioning of the driving range next to the 9th fairway. I'm actually surprised they can have the set up as the currently do for health and safety reasons. My playing partner and I were nearly struck 4 times by yellow range balls whilst walking up the fairway and the fence separating the two areas is only a couple of metres tall and falling down in most places. In summary an interesting 9 hole course, in fair condition but with a dangerous walk up the last.
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Living just down the road so I play here quite regularly. Not a bad 9 hole track, and pretty well looked after, Water comes into play for hookers and slicers on a few holes, no bunkers on the course which can be a plus or minus depending how you look at it. Opening short par 5 has great eagle chance with a well placed 2nd shot and the Par 4 8th can be driven by the longer hitters Nice practice area with Driving range and also 3 greens, 2 of them very sloped so are great for working on your lag putting,
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Great course, very reasonable green fee. Excellent variety of holes for a 9 hole course.
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