Melbourne South East
Tirhatuan Lakes Public Golf Course
18 Holes
PAR 66
5448 M


An 18 hole golf course located 30 minutes Southeast of Melbourne, with views of the Dandenong mountains

24 Reviews

First time at the course and it was a little better than i expected, was rather impressed with the greens, although they were on the rather slow side. Fairways left a bit to be desired, lacking grass, not lacking weeds... and where they had grass it was a mix of about 4 different types which was a little disappointing. Very impressed with the pro shop, the prices are very generous. Will be back again. 

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I have played on this course for many years.It is a course with narrow fairways made much narrower by the refusal of the manager to trim some trees whose foliage keeps extending across the fairways.

The worst part of the course is the tees, which are not level, causing one to have to stand lop- sided. The 10th hole tee ,off the blue markers has pot-holes and no grass.

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Played yesterday,on what was rated a good course.While it is not a bad course,it was very very wet and very very slow.Greens weren't too bad but the bunkers needed a lot of TLC.Over 3 hours for the front 9 is way too long.
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Played there a few times with my sons and course was in good order.always low traffic and quite long.fairways were generous and a good course for beginners
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Tirhatuan is the word for Sugar Glider Possum - not the shape of my power fade!!
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I almost feel bad doing this as I should be supporting a local public course. Played there today after a few months as I've been avoiding it due to the condition I thought it may be in given its summer. Not to my surprise, the course was very dry and fairways as hard as a rock, with lots of bare patches, and we are only at the end of December. It felt like I was hitting off concrete. Almost better off in the rough. Also struggled to get my tees into the ground without trying a few different spots every time. I thought they had access to water the course? Doesn't seem like it. Another massive negative are the ducks all over the greens. Not only do they not move, the also litter absolutely everywhere. I have no issues with the ducks being on the course, but surely they can do something to keep them off the greens. Course layout is very simple and uninteresting which doesn't require much thought. Driver and short to mid iron in every par 4 and even the one solitary par 5. Only one fairway bunker in the whole course. Back 9 definitely more difficult. Wouldn't recommend the course course to any mid-low handicappers. Actually not this bad during spring or autumn (avoid it in winter as well). $15 arvo deal is good but still not worth it in its current condition. Better off playing at Amstel (park course) for the same price as it is in much much better condition and a much more interesting course.
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