Melbourne South East
Ringwood Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 70
5398 M
19 Reviews
A good council course, on par with it's sister course, Dorset. Straight forward, shortish layout. THe fairways are consistently in good nick, softish and true. The greens however always seem to be sandy. Overall always well presented compared to some other public courses, (like Ivanhoe or Glen Waverley) Front 9 is pretty straight and flat. Back nine is more hilly and has some dogleg holes. All in all a good place to play, especially for a high handicapper.
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Play Ringwood twice now once last winter and once today. I've stayed clear from this course because durning the winter it was just a bog hole. But today it was good. There was some spots on the fairways that were in bad nick. The greens are in great condition. Overall a ok course. Good for beginners. Unfortunately then do not have carts which would be good on hot days like today
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Played here yesterday morning. Teed off at 944hrs and must say got through 18 in around 3.5hrs. Fairways in excellent condition best I've ever seen. Greens had been sand & cored so lacked speed but should come up quite well. Front appeared slightly slow due to some odd numbers however play kept following. Downside was a group of four on the 18th the decided to complete their cards on the green when we were 50ms out and ignored us and only moved after cards were completed and that was only to the back of the green. Otherwise a great course
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Played here today and was happy with the course. Excellent cooch fairways and very good greens. The course is in excellent condition currently, fairways are fantastic. It has rained the past few days and you can't tell other than the greens being a bit slow. Front nine is solid, but quite easy - I play off 21 and went out in 41(+6). The 9th is a bit weird with the tees pushed up as a 175m par 4, while there is a 190m par 3 on the back. Back nine is a even better, fairways are more interesting with some undulation and a little more bunkering. Woudl definitely play here again.
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I played Ringwood yesterday and it was a fun and aesthetically pleasing course. The front nine was not too bad at all, but I found the back nine brought me right back to reality. Some tricky holes there. The weather was absolutely awful - windy and wet. But it somehow did not detract from the playability of the course. It is aesthetically pleasing and well established. In my opinion, it is quite a playable course in any weather. One small thing, I found the lack of descriptive signage at the tee indicating the gerneral outline of the hole frustrating. The greens were very nice even though they had only recently been cored. Yesterday was the first time I have played there. VERY SLOW PLAY. We were stuck behind a couple that were two groups ahead that would wait for the hole to completely clear before teeing off. It was not fun to see the two guys in the group in front of me chugging beer the whole way and urinating whenever the need took hold. Pro shop people were pleasant, helpful and friendly. Somehow or another player adherence to course etiquette needs to be addressed.
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Played here on the weekend. Fairways were in fantastic condition following recent rain. Greens had recently been cored making them slow and lumpy, another couple of weeks and I am sure they will be in top condition. Main issue on the day was how slow the play was. The first two holes took nearly an hour to complete, and the front nine was just under 3 hours which really detracted from the game. A lot of people must have stopped after nine holes as the back nine was much quicker.
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