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X Golf Ringwood
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Visit X-Golf Ringwood now and enjoy a golfing experience like no other!

X-Golf state of the art simulators offer players unparalleled accuracy and realism through a combination of camera systems, infrared lasers, impacts sensors and advanced gaming software. Our dedicated kiosks combine virtual reality gaming, food and beverages, competitions, golf lessons, memberships and events providing visitors the ultimate entertainment experience.

The relaxed, welcoming atmosphere makes it perfect for all ages, males or females. Fun for golfers of all levels regardless of your ability, X-Golf is ideal for work events, birthday parties, corporate functions and buck’s nights.

X-Golf Ringwood is the new addition to the fantastic House of Golf offering visitors access to a full range of golfing apparel, equipment and expert advice and the opportunity to test them out on the latest simulators. Amazing club technology, fitting options, and professional teaching will have your game in great shape.

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84 Maroodah Highway, Ringwood
Melbourne North East, VIC 3134, Australia
General: (03) 9870 8708