Melbourne North East
Rosanna Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 72
6065 M


The 18 hole Rosanna Golf Club is reputed to be one of the premier clay-belt courses in Victoria. The clubhouse provides the perfect environment to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat whilst enjoying the stunning views of the golf course.

The course is private – Members, Interstate, or International guests by arrangement.

3 Reviews
What a difference a few thousand less trees makes! I was a member of Rosanna for 5 years about a dozen years ago, and there was talk of changes as per Mike Clayton's master-plan at the time, but a lot of negativity towards them. But I left before anything happened. Honestly I thought nothing would change at Rosanna. Rosanna should be held up as a testament to doing the right things and the course improving. The old Rosanna I knew was tight with way too many trees restricting play, in average condition most of the year too boggy in Winter and too dry in Summer. Yet I returned recently and I am astonished at how much better it now is. I am wishing I didn't just join a sandbelt club that I drive past Rosanna to get to. The hemmed in feeling of the course is gone, it felt like a bush track in the old days, now it has a wonderful parkland feel with impressive width. The old first hole was a dog, and nothing has changed but tree clearing and now it is a solid opener. The second is now a beauty, the trees are gone, the fairway bunker isn't just a sloppy hole and visually it is brilliant and plays well. The third is a solid short 3 that works well besides the walk... FOUR! WOW! Talk about a sleeper! This is golf at its finest, Great land and a brilliant hole. The elevated tee shot, the sloping hill on the right, even the 8th greenside bunker adds to the drama of the hole, and the green site is majestic, simple and perfect. The 6th is another great hole, in between solid proper long two-shot holes. 8 is a cool short four, that rewards long hitters. The significantly improved 9th hole, which is almost unrecognisable from the old dog it was, finishes off a very sold front nine. The back nine isn't quite as impressive, but the 10 is still a good tough long par 3, 12 is a challenging reachable short par 5, the new 13 is an outstanding drivable short par 4, the new 15 is a cool medium length par 3, 16 is an excellent long par 4 and 18 is a really cool short par 5. There are a few weaknesses, but there is no longer anything truly horrible about the course at Rosanna, the significant drainage and irrigation works as well as the changes to the course have really improved the experience. It is really now an appealing, challenging and fun place to play golf. I have used every club and played every shot in my arsenal in a round there. I have knocked back a few invitations to play over the years and I will not make that mistake again.
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I had the pleasure of pleasing RGC a few times as I had a friend who used to be a member there. The location is quite difficult to access but you get used to it so it's no big deal. The clubhouse is "old school" but has everything you need. The pro-shop is well equipped with decent golf attire and equipment. The club pro managed to sell a couple of Smoothy buggies to myself and another friend for a reasonable price. The fairways are well maintained. They are mainly flat with some fairways rolling but in general, the fairways lacks any undulation. Most fairway shots will provide a standard stance which makes it a little easier for visitors who are accustomed to rolling or undulating courses. The greens are some of my favourite within the Melbourne area as they are consistent in speed and are always true. The bunkering makes you think twice about your approach. Membership I think is a little expensive but overall, I miss the opportunity of playing there as my friend is no longer a member. I did find that some members were a little unfriendly but most were okay with visitors.
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Cant believe this is the first review of Rosanna...anyway here is my 2 cents worth. I should point out before getting into too much detail that I intend to join this course with 3 other mates (we have been looking around for a little while). There seams to be two keys issues raised about this course in forums. 1. Its a pain to get to. The 5 minutes invested driving from rosanna road into the plenty valley reward you with a beautiful setting which is quiet and free from freeways, houses etc. So i'd say its location is its strength not a weakness. 2. Course construction. There were no visible construction works and I understand that, other than a reshaping of the 13th, all major course works have been completed. Once course works have been completed attention will turn to the clubhouse. I really enjoyed the course layout. You dont feel like you are playing on top of other groups and its not tight and nor too generous. For the winter period the fairways are in good condition as are the greens which roll true with sufficient speed. I have played a number of courses out this way including Kew and it is the best layout and overall setting. Sure it doesnt have the quality of club house like Kew and isnt as green as Kew right now but it is a better layout and you actually feel like you have been out of the hussle and bussle when playing RGC. The club is financial, entrance fees and subs around $2k and they are not going anywhere.
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