Melbourne North East
Green Acres Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 71
5904 M
You'll scarcely find a more severe dogleg than the short par-4 7th at Green Acres Golf Club in Melbourne.
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The banks of the Yarra River, which winds its way around Green Acres, provides a picturesque backdrop to this challenging members layout.

The tall stands of native trees, the natural billabongs and abundant birdlife make it a little difficult to believe it is only 15 minutes from the edge of Melbourne's CBD.

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It's about time to add a review since the most recent one is two years ago.  It's also a good time because it's raining and wet in winter.  There's never a better time to review a course, because I really enjoyed the course even when the weather is less than pleasant. Especially I also played most nearby comparable courses and I can honestly say the condition of the fairway and green in Green Acres are superb.  Not even to mention that the people I played with are all friendly and nice. The other thing I really enjoy is how fast I can finish 18 holes at this course. I have never spent more than 4 hours and 15 minutes even on Wed when the main comp is on.  The only thing I would say missing is a full length driving range. It's the same for all the other courses anyway.
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I too am compelled to respond to the penultimate poster, GeoffCarney. He could not possibly be reviewing Green Acres. Totally agree with the previous review. The club house is quite simply superb. The staff are very friendly, helpful and generous. The course is an underrated gem with many file holes to challenge both low and high markers. The members are a very friendly and accomodating. Its a very pretty and peaceful course, it's layout unchanged since its construction in about 1948. I only joined recently and like the previous reviewer love every aspect of it.
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I felt complied to respond to the comments from GEOFFCARNEY, clearly someone who does not know much about golf. You were not interrupted several times mid swing being accused of hitting the wrong ball, that has never happened to anyone. I also highly doubt groups have hit up on you however I do question the size of your group ... what ever that means. Green Acres with the superb new clubhouse is certainly worth trying for anyone who has not had the pleasure before, a fun course that will test anyone not on their game. Testing par fives with trouble left and right off the tee, par fours with water carries off the tee and lengths out to 420m. Three par threes between 153m and 185m and the "easy" 9th at 112m often described as, not the easy and has brought many a round undone. All in all Green Acres offers a very interesting and testing layout, fantastic clubhouse facilities and a very engaging/fun membership. Yes as a member I'm biased but I sincerley enjoy every aspect of this club.
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Course had divots everywhere you look, even in the relatively temperate weather we played in the course was soggy, evidently poor drainage, really unpleasant. Appalling club culture on the days we've been there, members seem to think it's alright to not take sand buckets and leave holes everywhere, was rudely interrupted mid-swing several times with strangers accusing me of hitting their ball, which we'd all watched either be put in the drink or swing off onto the neighboring hole. Every time we've played at Green Acres we've had people tee off while just after we have, without actually asking to overtake (which would have been perfectly understandable considering the size of our group, yet not on one occasion were we asked we just had "fore" yelled at us followed by a couple of tubby blokes). Seriously don't recommend this place, given it a couple of chances now, the rude staff at the clubhouse topped it all off for us really, overpriced food and drink, spare yourself the torment and play somewhere else. JR
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Green acres has an interesting layout with a few standout holes. The course conditions are good as you would expect from this type of course, however given its price point I expected more of the greens and bunkers. The greens were a touch slow for my liking, but at least they played consistent throughout the 18. The bunkers were heavy which given the hot weather we've had recently was a little surprising. That said, my mate and I both really enjoyed the course and would happily return given the opportunity. Worth the pennies if you get the chance to play.
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A number of months ago I was looking at joining a club in the Kew-Heidelberg area and sampled many on offer including Kew, Rosanna, Heidelberg and Latrobe. Green Acres whilst at the time not being in its best condition was the stand out due to its interesting layout and the quality of its members. I could not be happier with my decision, the course is now in absolute fantastic condition, the layout continues to be a true test with a variety of shot making required and the members a pleasure to play with. A number of friends I have brought to the club, many of whom had not heard of or played the course before have all been surprised at the quality of the layout and course condition. With the very impressive/large new clubhouse only a few short months away, Green Acres I would say is entering a new and very exciting phase and worth playing if you have not had the pleasure before.
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